The perenially popular Minecraft is getting a hefty rejig today, with the long-awaited Caves & Cliffs Part 1 update dropping into the game.


There's never a shortage of new things to do in Minecraft, but it's always nice when a proper new chunk of official content drops like this.

As it says on the tin, this update will bring Caves and Cliffs into the game in ways we've never seen before. And since variety is the spice of life, it's easy to get excited about that.

But to find out more of the specifics on Minecraft's Caves & Cliffs update, keep on reading for all the essential details on today's hot new piece of Minecraft content!

When is the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs release date and time?

Well, the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs will actually be coming in two parts and part one will be with us on June 8th 2021.

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As for the exact time, there is no official word, but predictions online seem to put it between 3pm and 5pm from a UK perspective. We'll let you know if/when a launch time is confirmed!

As for part two, that remains an unknown at the moment but we imagine that more news will start to emerge about that shortly after we are all able to get our hands on part one. It shouldn't be too long until that second instalment comes along - just long enough for us to all sink our teeth into the first one and we have heard that it is expected as Winter gets underway.

Originally, it was supposed to launch at the same time, at least that is what we were told when it was announced in October of last year, but in April we got the news that the plan was now to split it into two - apparently due to its size and the complications that come with remote working during a pandemic.

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What will the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update add?

So, we know when the update is coming, but what do you get with it? Well, for starters, you get 91 new blocks and items in the game which include copper, deepslate, and dripleaf. Axolotls, Goats and Wardens have also been included as new mob types!

As for the caves in the game, they will be undergoing some changes as there are new shapes being added and even new Cave Biomes that will have their own vegetation and geology. They will also be getting bigger and you will start to see more open spaces inside them which is a welcome change from what we have been used to - and you may even spot water inside in them with underground lakes now added.

As for the new cave biomes, so far we know that news one include:

Lush Caves

Underground areas may now have a lot more luscious greens inside them now with green coloured blocks to be found along with glow berries and dripleaf plants.

Azalea Trees grow above these areas so be on the lookout for them if this is a cave you are searching for.

Dripstone Caves

Stalagmites and stalactites are being added with the Dripstone Caves which are sort of like vines as opposed to the standard sort of blocks that we are used to seeing. If a piece of one breaks then the whole lot will and as a word of warning, if you take a tumble into a pit of stalagmites you will certainly take some damage - so watch your step.

Deep Dark

New Warden mobs and Skull Sensors can be found here. You'll know when a Warden is near as the lights in the cave will start to dim - which is nice and ominous!

We also have new ingredients being added, the list of all those are below!

  • Amethyst Geodes and Amethyst Crystals
  • Cobbled Deepslate
  • Copper Ore, Copper Blocks, Copper Slabs, Copper Stairs
  • Deepslate Ores
  • Grimstone
  • Moss blocks and Azaleas are both new decorative blocks
  • Skulk Blocks and Skulk Sensors

If you want to know what Skull sensors are, they are brand new block types that can be located in deep caves where the warden's live and they are triggered by movement - something you can get around with the use of a Wool block.

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