Wanting a piece of the Minecraft pie, Epic has teamed up with some iconic Danish toymakers to create their own flavour of a blocky open-world survival game - and to help you jump in, we’ve got how to play LEGO Fortnite and if it is a separate game explained.


For all intents and purposes, you’ll know what to do if you think of LEGO Fortnite as an analogue to Mojang’s Minecraft. There’s crafting, surviving, exploring and a decidedly cubic design.

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It’s a great respite from the dizzying amount of new content in the latest battle pass, big movement changes and Peter Griffin that came along with the Big Bang Event featuring Eminem.

There’s also Fortnite Festival Mode and Rocket Racing, too, which are sure to provide hours of fun. Will we ever bother going back to battle royale at this rate? Probably, as Fortnite Winterfest is looming on the horizon.

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But back to LEGO! Before you dive in, make sure to check out how to get the free LEGO Fortnite Insiders skin to look the part. Read on!

Is LEGO Fortnite a separate game?

A LEGO version of a Fortnite skin
LEGO Fortnite. Epic Games, Fortnite

No, LEGO Fortnite is not a separate game! It is available through the Fortnite app and does not require a separate download.

If your copy of Fortnite is up to date, you’ll be ready to jump in and play. You select it from the main menu like you would any mode (eg Zero Build), and then Fortnite will take you to a dedicated area for is LEGO experience.

Being part of Fortnite, it is completely free, although you can always buy V-Bucks to get additional cosmetic items in-game.

How to play LEGO Fortnite

A LEGO Fortnite character eating by a campfire
LEGO Fortnite. Epic Games, LEGO

To play LEGO Fortnite, go to the Fortnite homepage and then the Discover screen, where you should see the LEGO tile.

Once you select this, you can either create your own world or join a shared world, but the latter requires an invite.

If your friends aren’t free to play, you can make your own world and start exploring, building and having fun. The game will ask you to choose between sandbox or survival mode first, however.

You can also choose your own LEGO Fortnite seed, if you want to play in a certain location.

If you just want to build without worrying about finding resources and crafting while battling the woes of the world, choose sandbox. If you do want a challenge, then make sure to select survival mode.

However, this is your own adventure, and you can customise the sandbox mode to your liking by adjusting the following settings:

  • Enemies – On or Off
  • Hunger – On or Off
  • Temperature – On or Off
  • Stamina – On or Off
  • Elimination – On or Off
  • Drop Inventory Upon Elimination – On or Off
  • Friendly Creatures – On or Off
  • Villagers – On or Off

These cannot be altered after you start the world, however, so make sure you’ve got it dialled in before making a commitment.

Luckily, you can have up to eight worlds at once on the go, so you can jump between your different styles of adventures at any given time.

LEGO Fortnite quests: What to do in the game

A log cabin in LEGO Fortnite
LEGO Fortnite. Epic Games, LEGO

Currently, there are four quests in LEGO Fortnite:

  • Build a crafting bench in a Survival World
  • Create and play in a Sandbox World
  • Find and enter a cave in a Survival World
  • Get a village rating of 4 in a Survival World

That is deceptively simple sounding, though – especially the quests for Survival Mode. It’s a tough world out there.

You’ll need to stay fed to keep hunger at bay and regenerate health, as well as overcoming the elements by building a campfire and shelter to get through your first night.

A Crafting Bench will unlock a veritable wealth of possibilities, and will allow you to construct far more complex buildings and equipment. You’re not limited to just LEGO designs, either, as you can build your own custom structures.

After this, you can start exploring the map, delving into caves to find Knotroot or Marble.

Eventually, with the right gear, you’ll be able to take down bosses and raid caves dotted across the map. You can check out everything you can do on the Welcome to LEGO Fortnite blog post.

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