The time has come and LEGO Fortnite is upon us, so to bring you up to speed, we've got everything on its release date, trailer and gameplay details.


That's not the only thing we have to play, however, as there is also the Fortnite Festival mode and Fortnite Rocket Racers.

If battle royale is more your flavour, you can check out everything in the latest battle pass and how to unlock the Peter Griffin Fortnite skin.

This is all following on from the Big Bang Event, which featured Eminem and changes to player movement.

For those worrying how Fortnite skins might look in LEGO, fret some more - for over 1,200 skins have been reimagined for LEGO.

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So, get picking your LEGO Fortnite seed, and get ready to jump into the new game mode with all the information below.

When is LEGO Fortnite coming out? Confirmed release date

The Fortnite LEGO mode release date was Thursday 7th December 2023, Epic Games and LEGO confirmed in a joint statement.

On that date, players jumped into this new brick-based experience, which is be available globally and for free.

It's been described as a live service, so it should be around for a while with plenty of new content down the line. We've got more details below!

What is the UK launch time for LEGO Fortnite? Expected unlock time explained

LEGO Fortnite launched in the UK shortly after 2:16pm GMT.

Epic Games confirmed as much on their status page where downtime between 9:16am and 2:16pm is listed for "scheduled maintenance".

Epic Games and LEGO have not yet confirmed an official launch time for LEGO Fortnite, but we can only assume it will take place very shortly after 2:16pm, so you might be able to jump on for a bit during your lunch break.

Typically, Fortnite updates go live every Thursday around 2pm give or take a little.

What is the Fortnite LEGO mode?

As confirmed on the Epic Games website: "LEGO Fortnite is the ultimate survival crafting LEGO adventure. It introduces vast, open worlds where the magic of LEGO building and Fortnite collide."

The official description of LEGO Fortnite continues: "Designed for people of all ages to enjoy together, the game will encourage creativity, experimentation and collaboration through play."

There's a new LEGO Fortnite X (formerly Twitter) account that has been sharing lots of fun content to tease us about what sort of activities we can take part in.

Keeping with the theme of getting out there and exploring the world, LEGO Fortnite has declared that they are in their "outdoorsy era".

If you're wondering what all this might look like, scroll on down to see Epic and LEGO's grand vision.

Is there a trailer for LEGO Fortnite?

Epic Games and LEGO just dropped a cinematic trailer for LEGO Fortnite which we've included just below so get watching!

Though no gameplay is shown, we learned a lot from the trailer. Firstly, we get to see a number of skins in their LEGO guise but a lot of mechanics are hinted at too.

It seems that base building will be the central part of the gameplay loop that requires scavenging for food and resources, such as Knotroot or Marble. Once you've got enough under your belt, you can start to grow your own crops and even make a full-blown town.

Misery loves company though and of course, you'll get to do all of this with your pals.

Lastly, the characters make their way via balloon to a cave filled with skeletons mining the rocks before a giant dragon appears from the depths. If we were the betting type, we would say players can expect to go on raids that will be located across what seems to be a gigantic map.

All of this implies that LEGO Fortnite might be quite similar to Minecraft. With LEGO being the original blocky world-builder, this makes sense.

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