Fifty Shades of Sherlock and Molly is an epic remake

This adaptation of the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer was always going to happen

Fifty Shades of Grey trailer remakes don’t seem to be going anywhere and there’s another Sherlock one to feast your eyes on. 


Yesterday it was all about Johnlock, with the adaptation of E L James’ novel getting a Sherlock and Doctor John Watson remake. Today it’s a Sherlock and Molly version by YouTube user VeronicaVogue. 

The sultry tones of Beyonce are there, the thumping beat of her Crazy in Love remake is there and then, oh yes, there’s a whole lot of nervous meetings between Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey… sorry, Sherlock and Molly. Who quite often is actually Irene Adler, which adds a whole extra layer of raunchiness to Miss Molly.