Simon Cowell: I can’t be bothered to vote

The Britain's Got Talent judge on Margaret Thatcher, The Voice, Amanda's toilet humour... and being given a lap dance by David Walliams


He made his millions by encouraging the nation to vote in his talent shows, but it turns out Simon Cowell has never seen the need to cast a ballot himself. “I’ve supported people, but I’ve never actually voted,” he admitted at the launch for Britain’s Got Talent this week. “Couldn’t be bothered.” 


But his political indifference doesn’t extend to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who died earlier this week. “You don’t get elected three times without talent,” said the talent show boss. “She polarised people but sometimes that’s what people with talent do. Some people like you, some people don’t. You can’t win over everybody.”

Although when asked about the contestants set to feature in the new series of the popular ITV show – which begins this Saturday – Cowell’s opinions were far more optimistic. “We got lucky,” he said of this year’s talent. “The show is as much about people as it is about talent, and if you didn’t know their back stories or you didn’t like them, then I think the show would be boring. And the day it starts becoming boring, trust me, we’ll stop.”

But, now in its seventh series, the reality show franchise is showing little sign of slowing down. Despite this being the final series in his current deal, Cowell was quick to assure the future of the show: “I would put a pretty good bet this won’t be the last series of Britain’s Got Talent.”

And with all four of last season’s judges returning for this year’s show, there’s plenty of bromance between Cowell and David Walliams to look forward to, with the opening episode featuring the series creator being given a lapdance by a scantily-clad female contestant – and the Little Britain comedian. “Given the choice, I would have kept him in the chair and just had her. Now when I do this show, particularly with him, you just let him get on with it and expect the worst.”

And it appears Amanda’s toilet humour also has a habit of getting on Cowell’s nerves. “She just tells me everything about her body which I really don’t like.”

“He doesn’t like to know when I need to poo and he can’t even stand the word poo,” chipped in Amanda. “I really enjoy talking about my bowels and sometimes it upsets him.” 


But despite expressing a strong opinion of his judging panel, Cowell wouldn’t be drawn on Britain’s Got Talent’s BBC1 competitor The Voice. “Is it on? What channel? They paid for it again? Wow. I think they should fix those chairs – they keep spinning around.”