Radio Gold! Albert Speer joins Spandau Ballet in hilarious Radio 4 blooper

Continuity slip-up says Nazi architect spent 20 years in New Romantic pop band - which isn't True at all


It’s one of those slips that the tongue is intent on making, no matter what the brain is telling it. To cut a long story short, blowsy 80s hitmakers Spandau Ballet were trending worldwide on Twitter this lunchtime after Radio 4 mistakenly claimed Nazi architect Albert Speer had spent 20 years playing with the band.


“At 2.15, Patrick Malahide stars as Albert Speer, or Prisoner Number Five as he was known throughout his 20 years in Spandau Ballet,” listeners were told as World at One drew to a close.

Oops. “In Spandau Prison, rather,” came the instant correction from the highly strung station announcer.

Asked for his thoughts on the news that Speer spent 20 years in Spandau Ballet, band member Gary Kemp – the real architect of their chart success – cryptically tweeted: “I’m still sore.”


Listen to the Radio 4 mis-communication here.