Strictly Come Dancing 2011: Edwina Currie

Can she succeed where Ann Widdecombe failed?


Name: Edwina Currie


Age: 64

Official website

Famous for: Politician / broadcaster / writer

Bio: The second former Tory MP to compete on Strictly in as many years, Edwina represented South Derbyshire between 1983 and 1997.

She is best remembered by many for her time as a minister at the Department of Health – she resigned in 1988 after claiming that “most of the egg production in this country, sadly, is now affected with salmonella.”

Currie caused a further storm of controversy in 2002 when she published her diaries, revealing that she had engaged in a four-year affair with John Major before he rose to political prominence.

Since losing her seat in the 1997 general election, Currie has written a string of novels and appeared on many panel and reality TV shows, perhaps most famously being reduced to tears by John McCririck on Celebrity Wife Swap after trying to convince the pundit to shave off his muttonchops.


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