It kicked off on Love Island last night and for once romance wasn't at the heart of the drama, with Jessie Wynter confronting Olivia Hawkins after being called "fake".


After Jessie clashed with Casey O'Gorman in Tuesday night's episode, the villa whispers only grew louder as Maxwell Samuda and Olivia started to question just how genuine the Australian contestant was – and last night's episode saw Jessie find out about it all.

With two contestants eliminated and another two about to be dumped, here's everything you need to know about yesterday's episode with's latest video recap.

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Episode 45 began with Will Young confronting the islanders after learning that some of them have been calling Jessie "fake", with the farmer saying that he's "livid" over the gossiping.

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Love Island
The girls had a group discussion on last night's Love Island. ©ITV Plc

He soon pulled Maxwell for a chat, telling him: "What’s everyone saying because I’m completely confused why this word fake is going around." Maxwell explained that it began when Jessie got involved in Casey O'Gorman's problems with Tom Clare and Will, and while he didn't say that she was fake, he did think that some of her behaviour was "questionable", including defending the girls during Movie Night.

Meanwhile, Claudia Fogarty and Samie Elishi quickly pulled Jessie for a chat to let her know what was happening, with Claudia telling her: "Maxwell has pulled Casey for a chat and said, ‘I think she’s fake’, then Liv comes over and has apparently been talking to Lana and everyone about how they think the same thing about you and that some of your intentions aren’t genuine."

It's not long before the girls were gathered around the fire pit with Jessie wanting clarification over what is going on. Olivia said that she didn't think it needed to be a group discussion, but when Jessie asks if she wants a one-on-one talk, she says she'd rather not.

"So you’re happy to walk over to the day beds and speak to a whole group of people about how you think I’m questionable but not have a discussion with me?" Jessie said.

As the tension became palpable, Olivia stormed off, while over with the boys, Shaq Muhammad began to question why Jessie was challenging the boys during Movie Night.

Meanwhile, bombshell Keanan Brand decided to tell Casey that he fancies his girl Rosie Seabrook – probably the last thing he needed after all of last night's drama! He took Rosie for a chat, during which she reassured him that she's still very interested in him and the two eventually shared a kiss on the terrace.

Before the tense night came to an end, Will and Jessie met for debrief, with Will assuring her that he doesn't agree with the other islanders and that he's lost trust in Olivia, Shaq and Maxwell.

The next morning, a rift had formed between the girls in the villa, with Jessie, Claudia and Samie having their own chat, while Olivia and Lana Jenkins gossiped about the others. Olivia said that she would speak to Jessie if that's what the Australian bombshell wanted, but won't be changing her opinion.

They then tried to clear the air, with Olivia insisting that she never said the word "fake", however Jessie said that she felt very "disrespected" by all the gossiping behind her back. They hugged it all out but agreed to disagree.

Olivia and Maxwell.
Olivia and Maxwell. ©ITV Plc

The producers then finally delivered some good news, surprising the islanders with a day at the Beach Club, where Keanan asked Claudia for advice on how to graft Rosie and told her that Casey had shared a kiss with the bombshell. Claudia decided to confront Casey over it, telling her that she felt disrespected by his actions.

It wasn't long before Maya Jama crashed the party and as always, she had a twist in tow – telling the islanders that the public had been voting for their favourite couples and that there would be an elimination that night.

After picking four vulnerable couples, she revealed that Olivia and Maxwell received the fewest votes and would be dumped from the island – but not before they'd picked another couple to leave with them.

In classic Love Island fashion, we were left on a major cliffhanger, but who will be the next couple to be sent packing? We'll have to tune in tonight to find out.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX. Previous seasons of Love Island are available on BritBox – you can sign up for a 7-day free trial.

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