Things got a little tense for Jessie Wynter on last night's episode of Love Island.


Following a conversation with Will Young, the islander decided to pull Casey O'Gorman aside for a chat. However, he didn't want to hear any of it, and the altercation caused some of the other Love Island 2023 cast to look deeper into Jessie's behaviour, — leading to many of them accusing her of being "fake".

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Episode 44 started with Jessie and Will talking about the events from earlier in the night. Will revealed that Casey had pulled him and Tom Clare aside as he didn't like that they chose to marry Claudia Fogarty in the game Snog, Marry, Pie, before then pie-ing Rosie Seabrook.

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After hearing this, Jessie took it upon herself to speak to Casey, telling him that the boys weren't picking sides by supporting Claudia and that it was unfair to be annoyed with them.

Having already spoken to the boys, Casey didn't understand why Jessie was getting involved and told her he didn't care about her opinion. He then called the boys over again to reveal that Jessie had a go at him. Will agreed to speak to her.

That evening, the Hideaway opened and it was Tom and Samie Elishi's turn to spend some time away from the rest of the islanders. Off they went to get ready, with Samie wearing a saucy, red set.

In the Hideaway, she handcuffed him to the light shade before modelling lingerie for him. Once she was done, they sat down for a chat and talked about their relationship — at which point Tom asked to be exclusive.

Samie and Tom and the Hideaway on Love Island
Samie and Tom in the Hideaway on winter Love Island 2023. ITV

Back in the villa, the drama continued as the islanders settled down for bed. As Jessie and Will chatted in bed, Casey heard his name and shouted: "Get a life, Jessie!" across the room.

Will insisted that they weren't talking about his and Jessie's disagreement, but Casey didn't believe them and brought it up the next day. That morning, Olivia also talked to Rosie about Jessie's behaviour.

“I just don’t think the intentions are that genuine," Olivia said. “I really hope for Will’s sake they are," Rosie replied.

In the afternoon, Maxwell Samuda then chatted with Casey and admitted that he thought Jessie might not be genuine.

“When it was the Casa recoupling and Jessie came back and realised Will was single and she started crying, the entire time I was looking for a tear and I couldn’t find a tear," Maxwell said.

Will and Claudia on Love Island
Will and Claudia on winter Love Island 2023. ITV

Later that evening, Casey chatted to the other islanders about Maxwell's comments as he wasn't sure where they'd come from. Olivia backed her man up and admitted that it wasn't only Maxwell who felt this way, and Will wasn't happy as he questioned why the contestants were acting like "snakes" and talking about Jessie behind his back rather than telling him directly.

Casey then pulled Jessie aside for a chat to clear the air.

Also that evening, Keanan Brand and Rosie had a private chat on the terrace, during which he admitted that he finds himself "gravitating" towards her.

Rosie said "aww", which wasn't exactly the response Keanan was looking for.

Keanan then asked if they could keep this between them, but she felt she owed it to Casey to be up front about things. Could there be a new love triangle in the villa?

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