The Claudia/Casey/Rosie love triangle continued on Love Island last night, following Friday's recoupling.


As the latest bombshells, Keanan Brand and Rosie Seabrook got to choose who they wanted to couple up with first. Keanan opted to couple up with Claudia Fogarty, while Rosie went for Casey O'Gorman, splitting up the original couple.

But as one couple broke up, another got stronger with Ron Hall asking Lana Jenkins to be his girlfriend.

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Episode 42 kicked off with the Love Island 2023 cast settling down after Friday's recoupling with saw Martin Akinola sent home.

Now in a new relationship, Claudia reflected on her feelings for Casey, crying to Lana and Jessie Wynter: "I never thought this would happen to me, I never thought I’d get this attached."

Later that evening, Casey and Claudia caught up for a chat, at which point he admitted: “I find her attractive and I think it would be silly of me not to get to know her a bit more and that’s all it is.”

Claudia responded: “I know, but we were in a good place, we really were and now some pretty girl comes in and it’s just like…”

Casey then promised not to "rub anything in Claudia's face", saying: “I would never rub anything in your face, it's literally just me wanting to get to know her a bit more.”

But that night, Claudia just wasn't feeling it as she opted to sleep on a day bed instead of in the main bedroom with the other islanders.

Love Island 2023
Casey O'Gorman on winter Love Island 2023. ITV

The next morning, Rosie chatted to Samie Elishi, Sanam Harrinanan, and Jessie in the dressing room and told them that she didn't think Casey and Claudia were compatible.

“I don’t see the sexual chemistry between them. I feel like he needs somebody who brings out his personality a bit more and I think she maybe needs someone that’s a bit more mature," she said.

And it didn't take long for the message to get back to Claudia, as Samie informed her of the conversation while on a day bed.

Claudia decided to pull Rosie for a chat and questioned her about her comments.

The islanders then took on a game of Saints Versus Sinners, which saw the boys dressed as naughty devils in red shorts and devil horns while the girls were dressed as angels with white halos and wings.

Each islander had to aim for the islander they wanted to kiss on the spinning wheel, and when it was Casey's turn all eyes were on him. However, he opted to kiss Tanya Manhenga instead of choosing between Rosie and Claudia.

Later that day, Rosie and Casey chatted and he admitted he had lots to think about.

“So much has happened in the space of an evening, you’ve definitely come in and made an impact for sure," he said.

That night in bed he went in for a small cuddle despite telling Claudia he wouldn't hug in bed and so on.

Also that evening, Ron had something to ask Lana. As he took her to the terrace for a private chat, he said: "I can’t stop thinking about yesterday’s recoupling and about your speech and I thought when you said that you’re falling, we are stronger than ever, I don’t think anyone comes close to us. I’ve never had a relationship or anything like that so for me it’s like a massive thing.”

He then popped the question and she said yes to being his girlfriend, introducing our first Love Island couple of this season.

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