That's a wrap on The Masked Dancer season 2! We now know all the celebrities who have kept us entertained by donning hilarious costumes and showing us their best moves.


This year's winner was none other than former Glee star Heather Morris, who had taken on the sharp disguise of Scissors to join the absurd reality competition.

The other characters revealed in tonight's final were Strictly Come Dancing's Bruno Tonioli as Pearly King and Australian actor Adam Garcia as Onomatopoeia.

Last week saw Odd Socks and Sea Slug unveiled as Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh and television presenter Denise Lewis.

Earlier in the competition, Astronaut was revealed as Desperate Housewives star Jesse Metcalfe, followed by Pig (Joanna Page), Prawn Cocktail (Stacey Dooley), Cactus (Gareth Malone) and Tomato Sauce (Steph McGovern).

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Meanwhile, double act Pillar and Post turned out to be David Seaman and Frankie Seaman, while Candlestick was revealed to be The Great British Bake Off star Liam Charles.

Read on for everything you need to know about this year's characters, including who has already been unmasked, the latest clues and guesses.

Who is in The Masked Dancer 2022 UK? Contestants, spoilers, and theories

Scissors - WINNER!

The Masked Dancer's Scissors
The Masked Dancer's Scissors ITV

Scissors has been cutting all the shapes this year, making her a worthy winner of the latest season of The Masked Dancer.

We now know that she is actually American actor Heather Morris, best known for her role as Brittany Pierce in Glee.

"I have had the best time. Seriously, this has made my heart so full," she said. "My kids at home, I have two boys, we are huge Masked fans.

"My oldest, during the pandemic, would make masks himself... when I got the call for this, hands down, of course I'm going to do this, my kids will be in awe of me."


  • Episode 1: Sorry by Justin Bieber
  • Episode 3: So What by P!nk and Confident by Demi Lovato
  • Episode 5: The Voice Within by Christina Aguilera
  • Episode 6: Wannabe by Spice Girls
  • Episode 7: We Don't Talk About Bruno from Encanto and Best Song Ever by One Direction


  • "It's been said that I'm something of a funny girl."
  • "I've not always been described as the sharpest tool in the box."
  • Writing on the mirror in lipstick similar to what they do on RuPaul's Drag Race.
  • American accent.
  • Dalmatian cereal bowl.
  • Mention of a talent show.
  • Hair salon in the VT.
  • "These peepers are feline like they could use forty winks".
  • Reference to The X Factor.
  • Frankfurt flag flying in their VT.
  • They don't think they are a "singer first and foremost" but has been at top of the charts.
  • An Emmy winner for a dancing-related show.
  • They were in a high-profile relationship.
  • There's a clue with the numbers 4, 5, 8, 0 and 5.


  • Cat Deeley
  • Emma Stone
  • Maya Jama
  • Emily Blunt
  • Ashley Roberts

Onomatopoeia - Unmasked

The Masked Dancer's Onomatopoeia
The Masked Dancer's Onomatopoeia ITV

We finally learnt Onomatopoeia's true identity in the season finale: it was actor Adam Garcia, recently seen in Kenneth Branagh's Death on the Nile.

"I always step away from dancing and then something brings me back – and I realise, that’s right, I love dancing… it brings joy," he said.


  • Episode 2: Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran
  • Episode 4: Pump It/Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas
  • Episode 5: Flashdance... What a Feeling by Irene Cara
  • Episode 6: Canned Heat by Jamiroquai
  • Episode 7: Butter by BTS and Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 ft Christina Aguilera


  • Russell Kane
  • Chris Eubank
  • Thierry Henry
  • Tinie Tempah
  • David Tennant


  • "I sound like what I am and I am what I sound like".
  • Seen dancing through a library.
  • He's fired up by "the sound of a stadium cheering to get me on my feet".
  • "My body has been considered an anatomically perfect specimen."
  • A science kit spotted in VT.
  • They have learn to "steer their career".
  • Has travelled the world.
  • A sign for a "missing donkey".
  • Reference to canines.

Pearly King - Unmasked

The Masked Dancer's Pearly King
The Masked Dancer's Pearly King ITV

Pearly King was revealed in the season finale to be none other than former Strictly Come Dancing judge Bruno Tonioli.

"I said, 'Singer, oh yeah I’ll do it. Dancer?? You’ve got to be kidding me!' You should always read your contract," he told Joel Dommett after being unmasked.


  • Episode 2: Going Underground by The Jam
  • Episode 4: I Like the Way by BodyRockers and I Love Rock 'n' Roll by Arrows
  • Episode 5: Hard to Handle by Otis Redding
  • Episode 6: House of Fun by Madness
  • Episode 7: Youngblood by 5 Seconds of Summer and I Like to Move It by Reel 2 Real ft The Mad Stuntman


  • Described as "the beast from the East End".
  • Wearing a suit with "King of the Hill" on the back.
  • Seen playing the banjo with a pair of binoculars in his case.
  • He said it has been nice to try on another character for size.
  • In the VT, there's a plate full of sand, clams and CDs.
  • "My mane is sometimes all I need to feel confident".
  • Golden man reminds him of someone famous he once worked with.
  • His jacket has "King of the Hill" on the back.
  • There's a red X in the background of the VT.
  • "Strayed in different directions to his pride".
  • Tickets for a journey from London to Hollywood.
  • VT featured pizza.
  • Duran Duran's Wild Boys is a hint to their identity.
  • Street sign with "Frankie V Alley" on it in VT.


  • Danny Dyer
  • David Dickinson
  • Ray Winstone
  • Shane Richie
  • Tom Hardy

Sea Slug - Unmasked

The Masked Dancer's Sea Slug
The Masked Dancer's Sea Slug ITV

Sea Slug was revealed to be TV presenter Denise Lewis.


  • Episode 2: When I Grow Up by The Pussycat Dolls
  • Episode 4: Rockabye by Clean Bandit feat Sean Paul & Anne-Marie
  • Episode 5: Let's Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez
  • Episode 6: Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid
  • Episode 7 : Instruction by Jax Jones ft. Demi Lovato


  • She says not to get "on the wrong side of her" and sea slugs can be "spiky".
  • Glowing in the dark is "in this season".
  • She offers to throw viewers "a lifeline" if they need help guessing.
  • Showed a treasure chest with arrows pointing in 'one direction'.
  • "You've got to hand it to me, this Sea Slug knows how to scrub up well."
  • A scroll featuring the names of the Golden Girls.
  • Can't be accused of being "sluggish".
  • They have "travelled the seven seas".
  • Has been involved in Red Nose Day.
  • Danced with a Greek vase in background.
  • Claustrophobia is their number one Fear Factor.


  • Gok Wan
  • Fleur East
  • Zayn Malik

Tomato Sauce - Unmasked

The Masked Dancer's Tomato Sauce
The Masked Dancer's Tomato Sauce ITV

Tomato Sauce was revealed to be Steph's Packed Lunch host Steph McGovern in episode 5.


  • Episode 2 – C'est La Vie by B*Witched
  • Episode 4 – Good 4 U by Olivia Rodrigo
  • Episode 5 – Red Alert by Basement Jaxx


  • "Putting the sauce into saucy – quite literally" .
  • Signs in VT that indicate being on air.
  • Tomato Sauce is "always at the heart of the table, where people ketchup with one another"
  • "I had a stomach churning moment in a famous house".


  • Rachel Riley
  • Sara Cox
  • Clodagh McKenna
Steph McGovern The Masked Dancer
Getty Images

Cactus - Unmasked

The Masked Dancer's Cactus
The Masked Dancer's Cactus ITV

Cactus was unveiled to be Gareth Malone on episode 4.


  • Episode 2 – Livin' La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin
  • Episode 4 - Too Darn Hot by Cole Porter and Jump by Kriss Kross


  • It's time to "step into the ring" with Cactus.
  • Famous for "putting on a show".
  • In the VT, there was a sign for the Hall of Fame.
  • He has conquered some "pretty iconic venues".
  • Doesn't want to get "busted" any time soon.
  • "I often get mistaken for a mythical beast".


  • Danny O'Donoghue
  • Ronnie O'Sullivan
  • Danny Jones
  • Alan Carr
  • Ritchie Neville
Gareth Malone on The Masked Dancer.
Gareth Malone on The Masked Dancer. Bandicoot TV/ITV

Astronaut - Unmasked

The Masked Dancer's Astronaut
The Masked Dancer's Astronaut ITV

Astronaut was the first contestant to be unmasked on season 2 as Desperate Housewives actor Jesse Metcalfe.


  • Episode 1 - Blinding Lights by The Weekend


  • Science theme in VT.
  • A small white van and a tent in the VT.
  • "This isn't the first time i've had a mark on my head."
  • "Tonight, I'll make you believe that a man can fly."
  • There was a green rock in the VT.
  • Mention of cheeses in the VT.
  • "Space might be the final front-'ear', but you may have heard of me by the same name more than once."


  • Denise Van Outen
  • Henry Cavill
  • Dean Cain
  • Alex James
  • Bear Grylls
Jess Metcalfe on The Masked Dancer.
Jess Metcalfe on The Masked Dancer. ITV

Pillar and Post - Unmasked

The Masked Dancer's Pillar and Post
The Masked Dancer's Pillar and Post ITV

Pillar and Post unfortunately had to withdraw in episode 5 after suffering an injury, with the dup being revealed as former footballer David Seaman and his wife, professional ice skater Frankie Seaman.


  • Episode 1 – Please Mr Postman by The Marvettes
  • Episode 3 – Giant by Calvin Harris & Rag'n'Bone Man


  • "Mostly I follow instructions and just do what I'm told."
  • "Being posties, thats keeping it in the family."
  • A small cruise ship in their first VT.
  • Pillar and Post delivering a cheque of money in their first VT.
  • Hearts on the trees during the performance.
  • JL5 written on one of the letters in the VT.
  • "We've 'toe'-tally seen stars together."


  • Amanda Holden and Jamie Theakston
  • Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart
  • Rochelle and Marvin Humes
  • Diane Buswell and Joe Sugg
The Masked Dancer

Candlestick – Unmasked

The Masked Dancer's Candlestick
The Masked Dancer's Candlestick ITV

Candlestick was revealed to be Bake Off's Liam Charles in episode 5.


  • Episode 1 - Relight My Fire by Take That
  • Episode 3 - Dangerous Love by Fuse ODG feat Sean Paul
  • Episode 5 - That's What I want by Lil Nas X
  • Episode 6 - Finesse by Bruno Mars


  • Something to do with a judge.
  • "I might be an authority".
  • Names of metals in the VT - platinum, pewter and brass.
  • Lemon in glass of water.
  • "I know what it is to lose, but win."
  • "I kneed to let you know, I went via Tinseltown on my way to success"


  • Judge Rob Rinder
  • Olly Murs
  • Jack Whitehall
  • Keith Lemon
Liam Charles.
Bandicoot TV

Pig - Unmasked

The Masked Dancer's Pig
The Masked Dancer's Pig ITV

Pig was the second contestant to be revealed on The Masked Dancer, with the celebrity turning out to be Gavin & Stacey star Joanna Page.


  • Episode 2 - Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves


  • Richard Hammond
  • Sandi Toksvig
  • Frankie Dettori
  • Jessica Ennis-Hill
  • Anita Rani


  • VT features a racing slip.
  • Wearing driving gloves.
  • "Always up for a challenge".
  • "I once made a right pig's ear of meeting someone I really admired".
Joanna Page performing on The Masked Singer
Joanna Page is revealed as Pig. ITV

Prawn Cocktail - Unmasked

The Masked Dancer's Prawn Cocktail
The Masked Dancer's Prawn Cocktail ITV

Hoping not to pull a mussel when they took to the dance floor, was Prawn Cocktail. Unfortunately for the seafood character they just couldn't keep up their act and were revealed to be TV presenter Stacey Solomon in episode 3.


  • Episode 1 - One Night Only by Dream Girls.
  • Episode 3 - Physical by Dua Lipa and Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Miley Cyrus


  • "Hiya, Pet!"
  • Very feminine outfit.
  • "I certainly didn't used to look like what you'd quite expect"
  • "Surprise, surprise"
  • Animal friendly establishment sign in first VT.
  • "I'm hoping to be strictly the best" - possible Tina Turner reference in first VT.
  • The words "The Gold Shrimp Club" on the set of their first performance, which could hint to them being a gold medalist.
  • Reference to boats in their first VT.
  • "I may be an 'appetiser', but I've got an insatiable appetite for success."


  • Jessica Ennis-Hill
  • Alison Steadman
  • Shirley Ballas
  • Rebecca Addlington

Odd Socks - Unmasked

The Masked Dancer's Odd Socks
The Masked Dancer's Odd Socks ITV

Odd Socks was revealed to be Girls Aloud star Kimberley Walsh on episode 7.


  • Episode 1 - What a man Gotta Do by the Jonas Brothers
  • Episode 3 - This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan and It's Tricky by RUN-DMC
  • Episode 5 - Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
  • Episode 6 - Run the World (Girls) by Beyoncé


  • Half 7 was on the clock.
  • Ergo soap powder in h
  • Hints to someone who does multiple jobs.
  • "I like to dip my toe in different adventures."
  • Mention of a circle, which could be a link to Channel 4's The Circle.
  • "I 'nose' how to sniff out talent like a pair of stinky socks."
  • "There's not really a set unform in my line of work".
  • They get "into the feet" of "characters".
  • They say they mingle with "anybody and everybody".
  • VT features a love keyring.
  • There's the number one on their trousers.
  • A pair of hiking trainers feature in the VT.


  • Nadia Sawalha
  • Emma Willis
  • Jessie Wallace
  • Maisie Smith

The Masked Dancer final is on ITV at 6:30pm on Saturday 22nd October. Check out more of our Entertainment coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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