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Who is Onomatopoeia on The Masked Dancer 2022? Clues, theories and celeb guesses

Boom! Onomatopoeia is ready to make an explosive entrance to the dancing competition

the masked dancer contestant onomatopoeia
Published: Friday, 23rd September 2022 at 10:29 am
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Brace yourselves: The Masked Dancer is back on our screens, bringing with it more larger-than-life outfits, fever dream dance routines and mind-boggling clues to help the judges (and the viewers at home) work out just which celebrity is hiding behind the mask.


Just when you think that the show couldn’t get any weirder, it goes and ups the strangeness stakes. For a case in point, just look at Onomatopoeia. Yes, one of this season’s contestants has an outfit inspired by words which sound like the thing they are describing. Is your brain hurting yet?

For their debut dance routine, the character grooved along to Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran, wearing a superhero-inspired get-up covered in words like “Boom” and “Bam”.

In Saturday’s upcoming episode, we’ll be treated to another performance, along with a further sprinkling of hints to assist us in cracking the case. Here’s what we know so far about Onomatopoeia.

Who is The Masked Dancer’s Onomatopoeia?

Dances, songs, clues and guesses

The Masked Dancer's Onomatopoeia with judge Peter Crouch
The Masked Dancer's Onomatopoeia with judge Peter Crouch. ITV


  • Episode 2: Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran


  • Russell Kane
  • Chris Eubank
  • Thierry Henry
  • Tinie Tempah


  • "I sound like what I am and I am what I sound like."
  • Seen dancing through a library.
  • He's fired up by "the sound of a stadium cheering to get me on my feet".
  • "My body has been considered an anatomically perfect specimen."

Crouch admitted that his sneaky attempts to get a better look at the dancer were foiled. "During their performance, Onomatopoeia was next to me when they started their routine and I was trying to see through the costume, which you can’t," he said. "We’re trying to get clues all the time."

The Masked Dancer theories

Is Onomatopoeia Thierry Henry?

Could Peter Crouch have cracked the case when he suggested that Onomatopoeia is none other than Arsenal legend Thierry Henry?

We know that whoever is hiding inside that bold costume is “fired up by the sound of a stadium cheering”, which could be a nod to his football career (and did we spot a sneaky reference to Arsenal’s logo in the VT?).

We'll have to wait until the next episode, which airs on Saturday 24th September at 6.30pm on ITV, to find out more.

Below is a list of all of contestants in season 2:

The Masked Dancer is airing on ITV on Saturdays. To find out what else is on, check out our TV Guide or visit our hub for more Entertainment news.


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