As ever, giffgaff is offering great value on SIM-only deals and – while other prices are skyrocketing – the company has promised fixed UK prices until the end of 2023.* That means if you pick up a giffgaff SIM card deal now, you’ll get that same great value for over a year, guaranteed.


The fixed price deals are a helpful way to keep on top of one of your monthly bills, especially because giffgaff offers some very affordable packages. Read on for full details on pricing and what’s included in each deal.

*Applies to all Pay As You Go, goodybags, existing products and all UK rates only until 31 Dec 2023. Excludes international rates and roaming.

£10 for 15GB Golden Goodybag

This entry-level deal bags you a good amount of data for just £10. If you want to keep monthly costs low, but still be able to surf, scroll and stream regularly, then this 15GB Golden Goodybag is a good fit.

Now, thanks to the new fixed price guarantee, that low £10 price will remain locked in for the whole of next year, meaning that even if your other bills increase, it's unlikely your phone bill will.

Buy 15GB Golden Goodybag for £10 from giffgaff

£15 for 30GB Golden Goodybag

If you need a little more data – maybe for downloading videos or similar hefty tasks – this larger 30GB Goodybag could work for you.

It’s still affordable at just £15 per month and offers more than enough data for many use-cases. Of course, that price is locked-in until the end of 2023 too, so there’s no need to worry about nasty surprises when it comes to your bill.

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Buy 30GB Golden Goodybag for £15 from giffgaff

£20 for 100GB Golden Goodybag

If you can spare another fiver each month, you’ll get a huge bump in the data on offer. This Golden Goodybag offers 100GB for £20, which is an impressive, great value pounds-to-gigabytes ratio.

Buy 100GB Golden Goodybag for £20 from giffgaff

£35 for Unlimited Data Golden Goodybag

If you’re a bit of a power-user and you need as much data as possible for gaming, downloading, hot-spotting and more demanding use-cases, then this is the deal for you!

For just £35 per month, this Golden Goodybag places no limits on your data use. You can scroll, stream, download, game and hotspot ‘til you drop.

Buy Unlimited Data Golden Goodybag for £35 from giffgaff

EU roaming: For all goody bags over 5GB UK data, data roaming in EU and selected destinations is capped at 5GB. You’ll be charged 10p/MB once 5GB is used. All prices are correct at time of writing. Terms apply, see


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