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Best Cyber Monday TV deals still in stock: get a 4K TV for under £400

These are the best Cyber Monday TV deals still in stock - many models have been popular, so you may have to wait a little longer than usual for delivery.

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After a busy weekend of searching through all the top Black Friday deals, we are straight back into it again for more Cyber Monday deals!


The last few days have already seen some amazing deals on a huge variety of products (and we have definitely spent more than we would care to admit). When it comes to TVs, the offers continue today with some great savings to be found if you are looking to enter the world of 4K or to upgrade to a snazzier set.

TV is important to us here at RadioTimes.com, and not only do we want to share what you can watch on it with our TV Guide, but during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we also like to bring you the cheapest TV deals. Consider this our crash-course in picking the right television for you, whatever your budget.

Stock has been an issue on many popular TV models, so we’ve rounded up the best Cyber Monday TV deals still available, but be aware that some may take longer than usual to be delivered, or you may need to collect in store. We’ve listed them in price order, so you can stroll through according to your budget.

Best Cyber Monday TV deals still available

1. Philips 43-inch PUS7555 4K TV | £349 £289 at Currys PC World (save £60 or 17%)

Philips 43-inch PUS7555 4K TV

If you’re in search of a respectable new TV and both your room size and budget are modest, then make sure you take a look at this 43-inch set from Philips’s PUS range, which is among the cheapest TV deals this Cyber Monday. The PUS7555 is an excellent starting point for people who want to make the jump into 4K TV, especially at the discounted price of £289. There’s also an in-built smart TV platform that will lead you stream from Netflix, YouTube and all other typical services.

Buy for £289

2. Samsung UE43TU7100KXXU 43-inch Smart 4K TV | £379 £299 from Currys (save £80 or 21%)

cyber_monday_tv_deals_SAMSUNG_UE43TU7100KXXU (1)

Another budget-price TV we thought might appeal to those keen to keep their spending on a leash. Samsung’s 43-inch UETU7100KXXU is another one suit for smaller living spaces. If we had to choose between the Philips 43-inch PUS7555 and this, it would be the Samsung – if simply because the brand’s crystal processors are attracting rave reviews. If you want to back up those visuals with immersive sound, it’s worth noting that Curry is offering further savings on Samsung’s S series of soundbars with any purchased TV right now – take a look at the product page for details.

Buy now for £299

3. Samsung 55-inch UETU7020KXXU Smart 4K TV | £479 £399 at Argos (save £80 or 17%)


While not a QLED, if you are looking to enter the 4K world for the first time then you can do far worse than this deal. Samsung is one of the leading brands in TV’s and their 4K and HDR is a delight to look at. Finding one above 50 inches for under £400 does not happy frequently so if this one has taken your eye then our advice is to grab it when you can.

Buy now for £399 – may be collect only, check your postcode

4. Philips PUS8555 50-inch Smart 4K TV with Google Assistant | £549 £449 at Currys PC World (save £100 or 18%)

Philips PUS8555 50-inch Smart 4K TV

Want a TV you can talk to? Well, here is one with a voice assistant! This means the 50PUS8555 can be used completely hands-free and be synced up with other devices like light bulbs – your TV can control your lights, the future is here. There are other TVs that can do this, but it is the price of this one that has really caught our eye – £100 off is a great saving for a great TV.

Buy now for £449 – dispatched between 10 and 21 days

5. LG 65UN81006LB 65-Inch UHD 4K TV  | £999.99 £649 at Very (save £350.99 or 35%)


The £350 that has been knocked off the 65-inch LG 65UN81006LB by Amazon is a brilliant reduction. Plus, this LG TV comes with something special too – a magic remote! And while no, you can’t pull a rabbit out of it, it does mean that you can talk to it and get it to do all kinds of things such as play, pause, adjust the volume and so on. A popular set this, it was on Amazon too but got snapped up so it may not last on Very for long.

Buy now for £649 – in stock

6. Panasonic TX-65HX580BZ 65-inch 4K  Smart TV | £899 £699 at Amazon (save £220 or 24%)

Panasonic TX-65HX580BZ

A hefty £220 price drop in Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale has brought Panasonic’s TX-65HX580BZ firmly in to the lower of mid-range spending. We’re delighted to see a £700(ish) price point on a TV of this size, and one that’s a 2020 model, too. The 4K visuals are powered by Panasonic’s Studio Colour Engine, which users are praising in their reviews. Perhaps the only thing conspicuous by its absence here is an-inbuilt voice assistant. Regardless, the 24% reduction means this is still a superb deal.

Buy for £699

7. Samsung QEQ70T 55-inch QLED 4K Smart TV | £1,299 £899 £799 at Very (save £500 or 38%)

Samsung QEQ70T 55-inch QLED 4K Smart TV

QLED technology is one of the best ways to watch TV in the greatest detail by quite some way – it really is a revelation when you first see one in action. So, of course, finding a TV equipped with it is not cheap, and seeing one for under £1000 does not happen as often as we would like. But here’s one that comes in at £799. It is a great set – especially for the price. If you want 4K content in ultra-crisp definition and some of the richest and vibrant colours you have seen, this is a must-buy TV – and make sure you watch something like Blue Planet 2 when you get it, it is truly mesmerising.

Buy now for £799 – delivery in December

8. Panasonic TX-HZ980B 55-inch Smart 4K OLED TV | £1,699 £1,149 at Currys PC World (save £550 or 32%)

best_black_friday_tv_deals_panasonic_tx55 (1)

A pricier TV, but one that is well worth considering if you are happy to spend into the four figures. The hefty £550 that has been knocked off this model is one of the best TV deals we have seen in the recent sales. Not only is it 4K, but it is an OLED (which means graphic will look even better) with Dolby Atmos, a powerful surround sound technology that will knock your socks off if you stick on an action movie.

Buy now for £1,149 – in stock

9. Sony Bravia KD55A85BU 55-inch Smart 4K OLED TV with Google Assistant | £1,699 £1,299 at Currys PC World (save £400)

sony bravia

Another pricey model, but one that is well worth it if your budget stretches that far. Sony is another brand that really knows what it’s doing with TVs. This one also sports the OLED technology that makes a picture shine brighter than it ever has before. This truly is a spectacular telly and to see it with £400 knocked off it is quite something.

Buy now for £1,299 – in stock

How to pick the right TV this Cyber Monday

Picture quality ranks from 8K to 4K/Ultra HD, Full HD, HD ready and then standard definition. If we have to suggest which you should aim for, we suggest 4K since it’s fast becoming the established standard in affordable as well as higher-range TVs. Since 8K TVs start in the thousands, these might be beyond your budget (although if you’re interested, the Samsung QE55Q700 55-inch 8K TV is currently marked down from £1,999 to £1,499 at Currys PC World).

If you see QLED mentioned in a TV’s specs, that’s a sign that the screen will be particularly bright; OLED means it will have better contrast and will use less power.

If you’re weighing up between going up in picture quality or screen size, we suggest you opt for the former. Too many people try and take the ‘home cinema’ idea too literally, and buy TVs that dominate the room and whose picture quality can’t be enjoyed at the right distance. Also, keep in mind that television screen sizes are measured diagonally, not horizontally, before you start getting busy with your measuring tape.

Features definitely w

orth looking out for include a built-in streaming platform for Netflix, iPlayer, Now TV et al, and a built-in voice assistant like Alexa, Google Assistant or Samsung’s Bixby.

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