Amazon really knows how to put the 'smart' in smart TV. Since 2014, the company has been transforming the average-joe telly into an entire streaming experience with the help of its handy Fire Sticks and Fire TV Cube.


Well now it's taking things to the next level, with a new line of Amazon-built Fire TVs now available to pre-order in the UK.

Today, Amazon announced the release of the Fire TV 4-Series, the Fire TV 2-Series, and the Fire TV Omni QLED Series, which are all out for pre-order now. Prices start at £249.99 and range up to £549.99, but customers who take the leap now can get up to £300 off of these new smart tellies.

The Fire TV Omni QLED Series and Fire TV 4-Series are both ranges that previously launched in the US and are being brought across the pond this April. Amazon is also releasing the all-new Fire TV 2-Series, which is a smaller and cheaper version of the other two.

All three series have access to Amazon’s full range of Fire TV content, including Netflix, Disney Plus, BBC iPlayer and so much more. Plus, they all have in-built Alexa capabilities so your TV can function the same way as the Amazon Echo or any other smart speaker.

While the Fire TV 4-Series and 2-Series are fairly similar, with high resolution screens and access to Amazon’s streaming interface, the Omni QLED Series is its big project. With a 4K QLED display, Adaptive Brightness technology and the new Ambient Experience, this is Amazon's best and brightest TV yet.

Following the announcement, Emma Gilmartin, director of Fire TV Europe, said: "With over 200 million Fire TV streaming players and smart TVs sold globally, Amazon's relentless focus on making TVs a better, more intuitive experience for customers is resonating around the world.

"Televisions are the fastest growing segment of the Fire TV business and we’re excited to bring a full line-up of Amazon-built TVs with easy content discovery, integrated smart home controls, and Alexa voice control to the UK."

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To help you understand just how much these TVs can do, the tech team at is on hand. We got a chance to take a closer look at these new smart devices during an Amazon event in London this week, so read on to find out what exactly they are, how much they cost and, most importantly, their UK release date.

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New Amazon Fire TVs specs: what are the TVs called and what’s new?

Amazon’s new range of Fire TVs essentially function in the same way as the Amazon Fire TV Stick or Cube. They give you access to full HD streaming and hundreds of apps, including Prime Video, NOW and Netflix, plus you can use Alexa to control your TV or ask questions like "What’s the weather like?"

The major difference is that now, rather than popping a little device into the side of your TV, everything is built in one place – the TV itself. The new Fire TV 4-Series, 2-Series, and Omni QLED Series are completely smart on their own, and can give you all the content you need without any additional plug-ins or subscriptions.

To help you differentiate, here are the specifications for each new TV range.

Fire TV 4-Series

Amazon Fire TV 4 Series (2)

The Amazon Fire TV 4-Series is a range of smart TVs that combine 4K UHD resolution with HDR10 and HLG. In short, it’s got a really good quality screen.

The 4-Series comes in 43”, 50”, and 55” and includes the Alexa voice remote as well as having Fire TV streaming already built in. So, you can watch all your shows, films and sports matches simply by speaking into the remote.

Pre-order the Amazon Fire TV 4-Series from £269 at Amazon

Fire TV 2-Series

Amazon Fire TV 2 Series (6)

The Fire TV 2-Series came following customer requests for a TV that could fit into any room, and is an entirely new model of smart TV. The range includes 32” and 40” screens and has 720p HD and 1080p HD resolution respectively.

The perks of the 2-Series are that it can fit into any room of the house, and it lets you expand the reach of Alexa. Now, there's no need to run downstairs to check a notification or turn off a timer.

Pre-order the Amazon Fire TV 2-Series from £169 at Amazon

Fire TV Omni QLED Series

Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series (1)

The Omni QLED is Amazon’s smartest TV to date. The range comes in four sizes: 43”, 50”, 55“, and 65”. It has a 4K QLED display with up to 80 different brightness zones available, and can automatically change those levels of brightness thanks to Adaptive Brightness technology.

A big bonus of the Omni QLED is that it has hands-free Alexa controls, meaning you can call Alexa from across the room to put on your favourite show or movie – no more losing the remote! It’s also capable of linking up to other smart home devices, so from your TV you could check your doorbell camera or even turn off the lights with a simple "Alexa".

The biggest USP for the Omni QLED, however, is the Fire TV Ambient Experience. This system turns your TV into a piece of artwork, a photo frame, or a video and makes the device a more active part of your home.

Pre-order the Amazon Fire Omni QLED Series from £369 at Amazon

What is the Fire TV Ambient Experience?

The Fire TV Ambient Experience is a piece of technology that turns your TV into an 'always-smart device', so that even when you’re not streaming content, the TV becomes a focal point in your home.

Through an in-built sensor package, the TV can sense when someone enters the room and will respond by displaying a piece of art, an image, or a video.

The idea came from Amazon wanting the TV to be more than just a black screen, so now it will automatically show the work of your favourite artist, or a video of waves on a beach, or even a photo of you and your partner from your personal gallery.

It can even construct images from scratch. At the demonstration, Alexa was asked to show "the Northern Lights over Big Ben" and "a medieval castle on Mars". After a little delay, both of these images then appeared and could be changed to fit any painting style.

If you’d rather something a bit more functional, the Ambient Experience can also show you a series of widgets such as your calendar, a sticky note reminder, or the thermostat of the house. This is all easy to use via the remote control or the hands-free Alexa system.

New Amazon Fire TVs UK release date

The full range of Fire TVs are available to pre-order now from Amazon. The Fire TV 4-Series and 2-Series models will begin shipping on Wednesday 12th April, as will the 65’’ version of the Omni QLED. The rest of the Omni QLED range will be available from Thursday 1st June.

And, if you order any of these TVs by 9am on Tuesday 11th April, you can get up to £300 off in a limited-time deal.

New Amazon Fire TVs: How much do the new smart TVs cost?

The Fire TV 2-Series is the best value, with prices starting at £249.99 for the 32’’ and £299.99 for the 40’’.

The Fire TV 4-Series has an RRP of £429.99, £499.99 and £549.99 for the different sizes, and finally, the Omni QLED series ranges from £549.99 to £999.99.

However, at the moment, with pre-order deals you can grab a 65’’ QLED TV for £699.99, a 43’’ 4-Series for £269.99, and a 2-Series for just £169, plus enjoy deals of up to 30 per cent off on all other sized screens.

How to pre-order the new Amazon Fire TVs in the UK

The Amazon Fire TV range is available to pre-order now from Amazon:


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