If you live in an area where a TV signal is hard to come by, an indoor TV aerial could be the perfect solution. We've picked out a range of indoor aerials for different budgets, with varying ranges, and designs.


There are a range of aerial solutions on offer, but most of the sleekest, simplest solutions are 'flat panel' aerials — with a couple of exceptions — so you'll see a lot of them popping up throughout our list.

None of these aerials will set you back too much, with prices starting at just £12, but in truth some aerials are much more feature-packed (and therefore more expensive) than others. Take a look at the list below for our top picks.

Best indoor TV aerials at a glance

What to look for when choosing an indoor TV aerial

If you're particularly far from a signal transmitter, you may want to choose an aerial with a signal amplifier.

Another thing to consider is the size and shape of the aerial, as well as where it should be stored. Some aerials need to be attached to furniture, or a window, whereas others just sit next to the TV.

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Otherwise, these aerials are generally simple to set up and use.

Best indoor TV aerials to buy in 2024

August DTA240 High Gain TV Aerial

Best budget indoor TV aerial

the August High Gain indoor aerial

If you're looking to try out an indoor aerial, but you don't want to spend too much, the August DTA240 High Gain is a great option. It's small, at just 13.5cm high, but has a good maximum range of 50 miles. Right now it costs just over a tenner.

Buy August DTA240 High Gain TV Aerial for £14.95 £12.95 (save £2 or 13%) at Amazon

One for All SV9494

Best premium indoor TV aerial

One for All

If your aerial budget is a little larger, this might be the option for you. The One for All SV9494 looks like a relative of Star Wars' BB8, thanks to its spherical shape and glowing lights. When it comes to delivering a good TV signal, that light points the user towards the direction where the aerial should be placed for best results. Neat, right?

Then, when it's in place, the top of the aerial swivels to find the best signal available. It's impressive and feature-packed and has a built-in signal amplifier, but it's costly too, at over £80 at the time of writing.

Buy One for All SV9494 for £89.99 at John Lewis

Biling Indoor TV Aerial

Best long-range indoor TV aerial

Biling best Indoor TV Aerial

This aerial from Biling can pick up a good signal from a massive 200 miles – it's the biggest radius on this list and one of the biggest on the market. However, despite its large mile radius, it doesn't come with a hefty price tag attached to it.

The 2023 model is TV aerial extremely thin and lightweight to make hiding it in your home easy — place it behind your TV, flat on a surface, or high up on a window or curtain rail.

Buy Biling Indoor TV Aerial for £19.49 at Amazon

RGTech Monarch 50 Antenna

Best indoor TV aerial for mounting


The RGTech Monarch 50 Antenna mounts to windows, walls, or radiators and can pick up a signal from a good distance — 50 miles.

It lacks a built-in amplifier but it's a reasonably affordable option and promises to pick up HD channels. It's a good option for those in low signal areas.

Buy RGTech Monarch 50 Antenna for £24.90 at Amazon

DTB Tech Indoor TV Aerial for Freeview TV

Best indoor aerial for easy installation

DTB Tech indoor aerial for Freeview TV

The DTB Tech Indoor TV Aerial has everything you could wish for - we're talking a magnetic base, compatibility with all TVs, advanced 4K definition and more. The sturdy magnetic base is especially ideal for easy installation: Simply affix it to the surface of your choosing and you can start enjoying crystal clear TV in minutes.

This aerial is currently reduced as a part of Amazon Prime Big Deal Days- act fast to get it at a reduced price.

Buy DTB Tech Indoor TV Aerial for Freeview TV for £21.04 from Amazon

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