• Great value for money
  • Freeview Play catch-up
  • Toshiba Smart Centre
  • Bluetooth music streaming


  • Only 720p resolution
  • No Disney+ app

Premium TVs may top money-no-object lust lists, but it’s workhorse tellies like this Toshiba 32-incher that sell in volume and attract bargain hunters looking for brilliant deals.


This small screen is best thought of as a TV for the bedroom, kitchen or kids den, but it’ll also serve muster in bijou living rooms. It’s HD Ready, which is to say it offers 720p resolution, rather than 1080p HD, but it supports HDR, and it offers a good number of streaming apps. Let’s dig a little deeper.

Find out how this affordable Toshiba TV performs and why we awarded it a solid 3.5 out of five stars.

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Toshiba WK3 (32WK3C63DB) review: summary

The Toshiba WK3 is just the ticket if you want a sensibly priced, internet-connected small screen smart TV. Its picture is perfectly acceptable for the price, and if you want to watch Corrie on catch-up from Freeview Play or binge a box set in bed, it’s difficult to fault.

Price: You can buy the 32-inch Toshiba 32WK3C63DB for £189 at Amazon.

Key features:

  • Freeview Play
  • Amazon Alexa compatible
  • Bluetooth built-in


  • Great value for money
  • Freeview Play catch-up
  • Toshiba Smart Centre
  • Bluetooth music streaming


  • Only 720p resolution
  • No Disney+ app

What does the Toshiba WK3 (32WK3C63DB) do?

  • The Toshiba WK3 is an HD-ready smart TV with Freeview Play
  • It has a smart platform with a good number of streaming TV apps
  • The WK3 may only be 720p HDR Ready, but it is HDR (High Dynamic Range) compatible
  • The 12W audio system comes with DTS: Virtual X processing
  • Connectivity includes three HDMI inputs, suitable for games consoles, TV boxes and DVD/Blu-ray players
  • The Toshiba WK3 work with the Amazon Alexa smart assistant

How much is the 32-inch Toshiba WK3?

You certainly won’t break the bank buying a Toshiba WK3. The 32-inch model reviewed here is widely available for £189. It has a sister screen, the 24-inch 24WK3C63DB, which shares the same smart TV platform and is available for £169.

You can buy the 32-inch Toshiba WK3 from Amazon for £189

You can buy the 24-inch Toshiba WK3 from AO for £169

Is the Toshiba 32WK3C63DB TV good value for money?

We rate this 32-incher a top buy right now. It offers a strong selection of streaming apps, including Netflix, Prime Video and Britbox, on top of a full complement of mainstream catch-up TV. What’s more, it doesn’t look like it’s been beaten with an ugly stick.

Toshiba WK3 (32WK3C63DB) features

Toshiba TV freeview

The WK3 runs Toshiba’s Smart Centre portal, which offers a rich selection of streaming services, including Netflix, Prime Video, Britbox, YouTube, Twitch, Rakuten TV, Chili, Mubi and Amazon Music - although disappointingly, there’s no Disney+ app. The set also has a Freeview Play tuner, which guarantees catch-up from BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, My5, CBS Catch-up, Horror Bites and UKTVPlay.

If you’re an Amazon Alexa addict, you can also use voice control for simple functions.

Toshiba WK3 (32WK3C63DB) design and set-up

The WK3 may not be a catwalk star but looks smart enough. As it uses a standard LED backlight, it’s 78mm deep, but the gloss black bezel isn’t too large, and the central stand is easy to accommodate.

If we were to have a design moan, it would be about the overly bright green LED which glowers from the front of the set when it’s on. The stereo speakers are downward-firing.

Toshiba TV back

Around the back, you’ll find three HDMIs, one with ARC (Audio Return Channel) for use with a soundbar. There’s also legacy phono AV and VGA inputs, plus a USB port and an optical digital audio output with headphone jack. There’s an Ethernet network port if you’d prefer to cable this TV to your network rather than use Wi-Fi.

While you can certainly hook up a games console, don’t think about using the WK3 as a gaming monitor. We measured input lag at 33.4ms in Game mode. While that’s OK for casual play, it won’t impress seasoned fraggers.

The TV ships with a full-size IR remote, with dedicated buttons for Prime Video, Netflix and Freeview Play.

Toshiba TV remote

Toshiba WK3 (32WK3C63DB) picture quality

The WK3C puts in a decent picture performance for its class. The panel may be HD Ready, aka 720p, rather than 108op HD, but you’ll not really notice the pixel shortfall from a typical viewing distance. Interestingly, it’s also HDR-ready. We usually only talk about HDR in relation to 4k screens, so it’s noteworthy to find it here. View Netflix and programmes are indeed flagged as HDR.

Of course, the humble WK3 really can’t do much with this info, and it’s simply not bright enough. But we appreciate the effort. Similarly, picture presets comprise Natural, Cinema, Sports and Dynamic, but there’s not a great deal of difference between them.

For everyday viewing, though, it does the job.

Toshiba WK3 (32WK3C63DB) sound quality

There’s quite a lot of volume on tap for such a small screen, and you can run it with either regular Dolby or DTS Virtual X processing. Dolby Audio options include Dolby Audio Smart, Movie, Music and News. The Dolby Audio Smart Mode actually limits the volume between 10pm and 7am, which seems a little harsh, and generally is not recommended.

The DTS Virtual X option brings you Music, Cinema and Sports modes, all differentiated by EQ. You can also pair the TV to your smartphone using Bluetooth, making it a wireless speaker. When engaged, the screen mutes broadcast audio and plays your Bluetooth tunes.

Our verdict: should you buy the Toshiba WK3 (32WK3C63DB)?

There’s no shortage of cheap TVs in the bargain aisle, but this Toshiba stands out from the crowd. It’s a solid performer for the price and comes with a good selection of streaming apps, both subscription and free catch-up TV.

We rate the Toshiba WK3 a great value small screen option.

Our rating:

  • Features: 3/5
  • Design: 3/5
  • Picture quality: 3/5
  • Sound quality: 3/5
  • Value for money: 5/5
  • Overall rating: 3.5/5

Where to buy the Toshiba WK3?

You can buy the 32-inch Toshiba WK3 smart TV at Amazon for £189.


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