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Warzone 2 release date rumours: Gameplay and map news for CoD revamp

CoD's free tier is getting a major overhaul.

CoD Update 1.33 is here for Warzone and Modern Warfare.
Published: Tuesday, 24th May 2022 at 3:17 pm
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The hit game Call of Duty: Warzone is due to get a major overhaul, with the publishers from Activision promising that the Warzone 2 release date is coming.


Of course, the current version of Warzone is still going pretty strong, after launching as a free-to-play title in March 2020 and quickly finding an audience of avid gamers who literally couldn't leave their homes.

Warzone has undergone a few transformations since then, with last year's new Warzone map (Pacific Caldera) being one of the biggest overhauls. And there's been no shortage of pop-culture crossovers, either, with Snoop Dogg and Godzilla vs Kong being two of the most recent random activations in the game.

But, what's the deal with Warzone 2? When will it come out and what else do you need to know about it? Keep on reading to find out all the key details.

Warzone 2 release date

The Warzone 2 release date has not yet been confirmed, but signs online suggest that it will arrive in either 2022 or 2023.

An earnings-related post on the official Activision website notes: "This year’s Call of Duty is a sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare," before adding that a "new free-to-play Warzone experience, which is built from the ground-up alongside the premium game, features groundbreaking innovations to be revealed later this year".

Based on that quote, it sounds like the next Warzone game is only committing to having a reveal this year. At least we know that the Modern Warfare 2 release date is definitely in 2022.

A report from the oft-reliable outlet Bloomberg seems to have implied that Warzone 2 could release in 2023, but official sources have not confirmed that as of yet. We'll update this article when a date is announced.

Warzone 2 platforms

Activision has not yet confirmed the Warzone 2 platforms, but it seems safe to assume that PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC players will be able to jump into the new Warzone experience unencumbered.

Players on the older consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, are waiting to find out if they'll be able to play Warzone 2 on their systems of choice, and we'll be sure to update this section when we find out.

Warzone 2 gameplay

Warzone 2 is being developed by Infinity Ward, who have worked on numerous CoD games over the years (including the original Call of Duty, the original Modern Warfare and the original Warzone, not to mention Infinite Warfare, Ghosts and the Modern Warfare reboot).

In terms of the Warzone 2 gameplay, official Call of Duty website has told fans to expect "a massive evolution of Battle Royale with all-new playspace and a new sandbox mode​". And as we mentioned earlier, Activision promised "groundbreaking innovations" in an earnings-based post.

We also know that a new engine is being used to make both Warzone 2 and the new Modern Warfare 2, which could mean that the end product looks and feels a bit different to the previous CoD games. One thing we're waiting for is actually-official gameplay footage, which we'll be sure to add to this page when it drops.

Warzone 2 map

There are plenty of rumours flying around about the Warzone 2 map, and it can be hard to tell apart rampant speculation from fans and the supposedly accurate 'leaks' from industry insiders.

One particular rumour says that the Warzone 2 map could be made up of memorable locations from the original Modern Warfare 2 game, including the much-loved Highrise, which certainly has a nice ring to it.

Another rumour suggests that Verdansk, the much-loved original Warzone map, could be returning for Warzone 2, but that hasn't been confirmed either.

Further rumours purport that the Warzone 2 map could be taking inspiration from Colombia. Truthfully, however, we wouldn't treat any of these predictions as fact until Activision makes its own announcement about the Warzone 2 map.

Warzone 2 trailer

As you might have guessed, there is no trailer yet for Warzone 2, leaving fans to pore over Reddit and Twitter while they try to tell fact from fiction. When Activision does make a big announcement to clear some of these things up (perhaps that could happen at Summer Game Fest), we'll be sure to revisit this article and keep it updated. Watch this space!

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