This year’s remake of 2009’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 isn’t just a shot-for-shot rebuild. There are plenty of new factors, including a few elements we’ve seen in other video games since MW2’s first incarnation.


For example, there are safes full of goodies across the land that require codes – much like the safes in Last of Us Part 2, where we had to scour the surrounding area as Ellie or Abby, looking for clues for the codes in the unlikeliest of places.

It’s a fun little mini-game in itself, but there are two types of gamers; those who want to work these things out, and those who would rather just know the codes.

Well, if you’re playing MW2 and you fall into the latter camp, fear not. Keep reading to find out not only the codes for each safe, but the exciting contents that lie within.

Safe 1

It’s during the El Sin Nombre mission that you’ll find the first of the loot-filled safes. Once you’re inside the El Sin Nombre mansion, have a rummage around upstairs (you’ll need to climb onto the roof via a bin, then onto the balcony) and eventually you’ll find a cupboard... with a safe inside. The code is 02-02-19, and you’ll find a Lockwood 300 Shotgun & Plate Carrier within.

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Safe 2

You’ll find the second safe during your run through the Alone mission. About half-way through the mission, on the second floor of a building you’ll find a locked door that you’ll need to force your way into. The combination is 10-10-80, and inside you’ll find a silenced pistol and a throwing knife.

This one is definitely worth going out of your way for. You’re probably well aware of how indispensable a silenced pistol is. Especially on a stealthy mission like Alone.

Safe 3

The third safe is also in the Alone mission, but a little further along. Hopefully you’ve made it to this point with ease after nabbing that silenced pistol from the previous safe! This one is in a garage, through an unlocked door outside. The code is 37-60-80, and you’ll find a crossbow and another throwing knife inside.

It’s a shame, because you’re almost at the end of the mission here. The crossbow would’ve been handy right at the start, but you can still have a bit of fun with it.

Safe 4

There is a fourth safe in the upstairs of the Deli, and we know that the code is 10-15-20. However, we have no idea (as of yet) how to access the room containing the mysterious safe!

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