It's been a good time to be a Call of Duty fan, with the release of not only Modern Warfare 2 but Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 also.


A new battle royale, of course, means a new map, with players now dropping into the desert oasis of Al Mazrah, complete with brand new high-risk spots, low-risk locations and secret power positions to learn.

Thankfully, pro CoD player Liam ‘Jukeyz’ James has revealed all about the new map, including the best drop locations and key differences to Caldera - so read on to become an expert on the new Warzone 2 map.

Warzone 2 map explained

Red Bull player Liam 'Jukeyz' James spoke to ahead of the launch of Warzone 2. As it is a sequel to Warzone, this game has a brand-new map to explore and discover. This includes low-risk and high-risk drop spots.

Players will not be returning to the familiar confines of Verdansk or Caldera in Warzone 2, as Jukeyz reiterated in our interview.

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"Now it’s Al Mazrah and it’s huge. It's massive," the Red Bull player told us.

"The map looks amazing, to be honest. There's a lot of different POIs where it's gonna be hard to land and stuff. There's loads of different stuff, literally so many different areas."

The map does, however, incorporate several maps from MW2, as well as classic CoD maps from days gone by - including Shipment now being located on an actual ship.

Trying to help his community avoid those hotspots, Jukeyz has worked on a tactical map and shared it with his followers ahead of launch. He showed us this Tweet on his phone.

It’s suggested that you aim for the green areas of the map when dropping into a match. Despite this map being a particularly large one, Jukeyz is not planning to take in the scenery once the fighting starts - a ploy you should follow.

"I'm super excited to be just in close-quarters fights, because with the most recent map Caldera, there was so much open space, and I'd just lose the plot every game because I would be getting killed by someone miles away, like, when I was trying to fight a squad of four. You know what I'm saying? So now, with these buildings being close-quarters, you know that you're less likely to get third-partied from a mile away."

In terms of navigating the map, then, Jukeyz would advise getting yourself inside buildings if you want to control the game.

"I've been saying that all year, just because obviously we had an idea that this new game was coming. And I've just been saying that to like my community: 'Just get me in a building.'

"And that's what you'll see me do, like on Caldera, put me in a building with a team - that's over for the team in seconds. I'll wipe the team in seconds. But like, put me in a fight in open space where like you can get shot through a tent and your body lights up orange with like the Combat Scouts perk, oh God."

Areas with several buildings include, of course, Al Mazrah City, Zarqwa Hydroelectric and Sariff Bay - while popular drops, you'll soon be able to confine combat to close-quarters encounters.

Now you know the best Warzone 2 drop locations, it’s time to put all this learning into practice and gain an advantage over your opposition.

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