Now that Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is finally here, it’s best to know some details about the game’s meta before diving in head first. Learning what the best Warzone 2 loadout is, for instance, should help you rack up those wins.


Luckily, we’ve only gone and asked pro Call of Duty player Liam ‘Jukeyz’ James what he thinks the best loadout in the battle royale sequel is.

Read on to find out what the best loadout is in Warzone 2, as told to us by an expert CoD player. You can always try out other loadouts, but we’d suggest sticking to the ideas below if you want to up your game. If it’s good enough for a pro, it’s good enough for us.

What is the best loadout in Warzone 2?

Red Bull player Liam ‘Jukeyz' James was able to access the game early, and we spoke to him ahead of the game’s launch at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere in London. He had some ideas regarding what he thinks the best loadout in Warzone 2 will be.

Although the pre-launch event he attended in LA did not offer multiple loadouts, Jukeyz did tell what he’s looking for in a Warzone 2 loadout.

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“For me personally, I'm just trying to get the M4 and the AK-74U. I think that'll be mine. Definitely.” This should give you a more-than-solid setup for those mid-to-long-range firefights as well as provide ample firepower for close-range combat. The SCAR, or TAR-21, is another good shout.

He added: “Or the SCAR, but it's not called the SCAR anymore. It's called the TAR-21. It's so funny because there'll be all these guns that have different names, but we call them what they were called years ago, from how they look.

"It's called TAR-21 or something, and that's pretty good. I use that for when I play competitive. That hits. It really hits.”

Jukeyz adds that you can “tune your guns this year, which is going to be mad. It's gonna be unbelievable. But yeah, M4 and AK-74U are my go-to.”

Jukeyz also described the AK-74U as “the most broken gun I've ever used in the past five years”. Whatever you pair that gun with as a loadout, you’re going to see good results.

“It's like an SMG but an AR at the same time. So it's in the assault rifles. We know an AK-74U from back in the day and then the past couple of years, on like Cold War a few years ago, and CoD 4 for donkey's years ago. It's always been an SMG, but now it's on the AR list. Then you pull it out and you can shoot up close and it can shoot a good distance. So that gun is amazing.”

The pro Red Bull player also adds that the AK-74U would be “perfect for like a sniper support”, explaining that “if people like sniping, and they want like an overpowered gun for the secondary, an AK-74U would be perfect".

Now you know the best loadouts in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, it’s time to make use of your new knowledge and dominate the battle royale arena.

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