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Best gaming chairs 2021: a buyer’s guide to the best PC gaming chairs

We tried and tested chairs across a range of budgets to help you find the best gaming chair for you.

play haha gaming chair

If you are on the hunt for a new gaming chair, then it will not take you long to realise how many are out there now to buy. More gaming chairs are on the market now than ever before, and despite all being variations of the same thing, there are key differences between them.


The prices between them all vary massively, the reclining functions on some are better than others, and, of course, there are a vast number of different designs out there to cater to the needs of everyone – be it those who like their gaming chairs to be business-like and those who want them to have some flare.

So if you are looking to pick one up, or you want to pop one on your Christmas list, here is your guide to some of the best and some of the most cost-effective gaming chairs out there.

How to choose the best gaming chair

Before you start your gaming chair hunt, here are some key things you will want to consider!

  • Price: There are many gaming chairs out there, and there is no average price to use as a guide. You will find some that could be considered ludicrously expensive, while others are so cheap that you will be left wondering whether it is even worth considering. If one is cheap, do look into why to make sure you aren’t just throwing away your cash.
  • Comfort: You can spend as much time as you like looking for the best gaming chair design and the best value for money, but everything else will be irrelevant if it doesn’t provide you with a comfortable gaming experience. Comfort is key for a gaming chair so make sure you are buying one that others have said keeps you comfortable for long durations.
  • Materials: A large part of what makes a gaming chair comfy is the materials used to make it. Cheap material can make chairs hard to sit on, and the last thing you want in a gaming chair is one that you slowly slide off due to how it was made – so keep an eye on that!

Best gaming chairs at a glance

Best gaming chairs to buy in 2021

Secretlab Titan

secret lab charcoal blue

Best overall


  • Incredible comfort
  • Easy to assemble
  • Nice amount of customisation


  • It’s a really heavy chair
  • Can dominate the room

We do wish that Secretlab could have found a way to make this gaming chair a little on the lighter side, but we’ll take the extra weight when the chair is this good. The Secretlab Titan really is one of the best gaming chairs that you can buy with great customisable aspects and a comfort level so good that you may never want to get off of it once you take a seat.

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Buy the Secretlab Titan

Play Haha

play haha gaming chair

Best on a budget


  • Fantastic price
  • Comfier than you may expect – and for long durations.


  • Set up is cumbersome

There are those who would be suspicious of a gaming chair priced under £100 and especially suspicious of one under £70, but the Play Haha gaming chair is a worthy investment. You will get a chair that is comfy and looks great, and while assembling it is no fun at all, it remains excellent value for money and one well worth considering.

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Razer Enki


Best to assemble


  • Excellent design and build
  • Really comfortable to sit in
  • Quick and simple assembly


  • More work needed on the armrests
  • No tilt function

Gaming chairs can be clunky to assemble, but not so with the Razer Enki, which is quick and simple to do. And you will be delighted when you complete it as this is a great design that will look right at home in any set-up. There are some issues, the lack of a tilt function is odd, but this is worth every penny and will go the distance.

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Buy the Razer Enki:

Corsair TC70

corsair tc70

Best looking


  • Great comfort over a long period of time
  • Sleek design
  • Great for posture


  • Set up is much easier with two people
  • Annoyingly short arms

The design of the Corsair TC70 is sleek and simple, and it would look perfect in a gaming set-up or even just as an office chair. It will help with your posture, and you will be unlikely to get uncomfortable even after hours of sitting in it. Setting it up is annoying and definitely easier with two people, but this is a gaming chair that we are happy to recommend.

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How we tested the best gaming chairs

All the gaming chairs in this guide have been tried, tested and reviewed by our tech experts. Each chair was tested against the same criteria before being given a final rating out of five.

The categories we considered included the design of the chair, how easy it is to assemble, any additional features and how it performs – especially over a long gaming session! And, of course, we looked at the price to determine whether it is worse the many pennies that some of them cost.

To determine the scores (out of 5), we carried out a series of tests. For example, we timed the whole set-up process, and we spent a lengthy amount of time in the gaming chair to see how it performs over time.

All the chairs to make it into our best gaming chair guide received an overall rating of 3.5 or higher.


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