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The Secretlab Titan is one of the best gaming chairs in the world, offering supreme comfort and heaps of customisation. You might not enjoy trying to move house with it, but it will absolutely treat you during day to day use.


  • Incredible comfort
  • Easy to assemble
  • Nice amount of customisation


  • Very heavy
  • Does dominate the room

If you are on the hunt for a gaming chair, then it will not take long for you to come across the name Secretlab. They are one of the leading brands of chairs to meet your gaming needs, with a vast collection of different ones to choose from.


One of their many chairs is the Secretlab Titan gaming chair that comes with the sort of price tag that you expect from them. But is it worth parting with so many pennies when there are cheaper ones out there?

We’ll let you know that and more right now with our Secretlab Titan gaming chair review. Note that we reviewed the 2020 version in Charcoal Blue and XL, but there are loads of other colours and sizes available on the Secretlab website.

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Secretlab Titan gaming chair review: summary


The Secretlab Titan gaming chair is one of the very best in the business, offering supreme comfort at a not-too-terrifying price point, as well as chucking in just the right amount of design flourishes and customizability. Truly, we can’t recommend this gaming chair enough.

What is the Secretlab Titan gaming chair?

This is another gaming chair from the masters of gaming chairs – Secretlab. They are known for making some of the best chairs in the business, and this is another stylish one that comes in a whole range of colours and sizes, including some custom designs that pay tribute to Batman, Game of Thrones, Cyberpunk 2077 and many more famous franchises.

How much is the Secretlab Titan gaming chair?

Secretlab gaming chairs are never overly cheap, but you do get what you pay for with them for the most part. The Secretlab Titan gaming chair can be found for around £369 on the Secretlab site, although bigger and fancier ones will cost you a bit more. It’s a pretty big investment, then, but well worth it, in our humble opinion.

Secretlab Titan gaming chair design

secret lab charcoal

The Secretlab Titan gaming chair design is really sleek and elegant, especially if you choose a design that isn’t too visually overpowering. It has an eye-catching design and a unique shape without looking silly.

With the charcoal blue colour scheme that our review unit came with, the Secretlab chair treads the line between cool and practical very nicely – it doesn’t look out of place on work calls, but it does look and feel like a proper gaming chair.

It is a chunky piece of kit (especially because we reviewed the XL version), and it will dominate any area you put it in, but the Secretlab Titan makes the most of every inch, and it still just about fits under a desk when you need it to.

Secretlab Titan gaming chair features

The Secretlab Titan gaming chair has all the features you would expect – you can adjust the height of the seat and the position of the armrests, and there is even a little head cushion that you can take on and off depending on just how luxurious you want your noggin to feel.

The real killer feature, though, is one you might not expect – the Secretlab Titan gaming chair has adjustable lumbar support, with a sturdy bar built into the chair which you can pull forwards or push back using a handy dial that you can reach at any time. Get this bar in just the right spot, and you’ll find that the Secretlab Titan supports your body in all the right ways, making those lengthy gaming sessions (or working days) that extra bit more comfortable.

Secretlab Titan gaming chair performance

Once you’ve got a Secretlab Titan gaming chair, it’s hard to imagine living without one, in all honesty. The comfort levels really are staggering, especially when you’ve got the armrests and the customisable lumbar support bar in exactly the right place to suit your body type.

Truly, this chair will make your gaming den and/or working area exceptionally comfortable, enabling you to work or play to your heart’s content without getting a bad back, sore shoulders or unhappy elbows. We’ve been using this chair for quite a while now, and we really don’t want to give it up. It really is a top-tier performance!

Secretlab Titan gaming chair setup


There is not much in the way of differences from other Secretlab chairs we have set up in the past. It can be a tad cumbersome to get this assembled, more so if you are doing it single-handedly, but it is nothing too difficult, and you will find clear instructions that are easy to follow. Allow yourself about 30 minutes to get it all done, and you should have it completed with a few minutes to spare.

If you’re planning to carry this chair up a few flights of steps prior to setting it up, you might want to recruit someone to help you carry it – the box mine came in was pretty heavy, and it probably wasn’t a pretty sight as I lugged it up to my third-floor flat on my own. Once the box was in the right place, though, the entire process of setting it up was very simple. I don’t look forward to moving house with this hefty piece of kit, though!

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Our verdict: Should you buy the Secretlab Titan gaming chair?

Yes. If you can afford it, we’d highly recommend that you splurge on a Secretlab Titan gaming chair. We can vouch personally for the XL Charcoal Blue 2020 version, but we’d also wager that all the other sizes, versions and designs are just as good, as long as you get one that is right for you. Once you’ve experienced this level of comfort and support, you won’t want to go back.

Review scores:

  • Set-up: 4.5/5
  • Design: 5/5
  • Features: 5/5
  • Performance: 5/5
  • Value for money: 4.5/5
  • Overall star rating: 4.8/5

Where to buy the Secretlab Titan gaming chair

The Secretlab Titan gaming chair is out now in a whole range of styles, but you might be wondering where to buy it. Secretlab products don’t often appear on third-party websites, so you should be able to buy one directly from Secretlab in the colour and size of your dreams. Happy shopping!

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