It’s still a new game, but the new-game novelty is already wearing off for players of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 remake.


We’re already in the stages of playing to win, not just to have a good time. If this rings true for you, then you'll know it’s time to start making tactical decisions in multiplayer – and one such area you’ll need to know about is top-tier weapons.

What we’ve done here is compile the best weapons of each subcategory (assault rifle, submachine gun, and all the rest). While these are our opinions, and you’ll need to experiment yourself to find what’s best for you, we think we’ve got a decent list here. So read on if you want our advice!

The best guns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

We have gathered all of the best guns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for you to be the judge of.

Best assault rifle: M4

Whether you’ve played it before or not, any fan of shooters in general will be familiar with the M4 assault rifle. Great for both medium and close range with the amount of attachments available, it’s a solid first choice. If you fancy a challenge and want to feel the power, then the TAQ-56 might be a fun test. It’ll take fewer shots to kill. However, we just can’t put it above the user-friendly M4.

Best Submachine Gun: FSS Hurricane

While this is a controversial choice – and many players are already swearing by the Lachmann Sub – the FSS Hurricane just steals the top spot. This is due to its 50-round magazine, increased damage, and better range. Lachmann Sub does have better control and speed, but we’re opting for the power of the Hurricane here!

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Best Battle Rifle: Lachmann-762

We’re giving at least one Lachmann a top spot. While the FTAC Recon has the damage and accuracy, the Lachmann-762 has the range. And range is an underrated stat in a battle rifle.

Best Sidearm - X13 Auto

While the damage isn’t fantastic with the X13 Auto, it’s certainly more powerful than the alternative (the X12). If you’ve run out of ammo and you’re not quite close enough for a melee attack, the X13’s auto capabilities are a great last resort. There are 24-round magazines available, so you can get a decent spray in if you’re panicking.

While these are our picks for the top weapons of MW3, bear in mind that they’re only recommendations. There’s a big chance you’ll fall for a certain weapon that feels much better in your (virtual) hands. Either way, we wish you the best of luck in your journey through the online ranks, whether you go with our weapons or your own. Happy shooting!

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