Another big RPG, another set of virtual characters to form relationships with - and to help you navigate your digital dates, we have our guide on the Starfield romance options with all romantic companions and how to charm them.


Depending on your preference, you may or may not be relieved to hear that the intimacy in Starfield isn’t as intense as it is in Baldur’s Gate 3 - which is decidedly steamier.

It’s far more family-friendly in this regard, but that’s not to say the romances aren’t fleshed out, and you’re sure to find your space-age sweetheart.

To help better understand the characters and where their loyalties lie, be sure to check our guide on the Starfield factions. You might also be keen to know who the Starfield voice cast is bringing your next video game spouse to life.

If you’re just getting started, then you’ll definitely want to check out our top Starfield tips and tricks to get ahead in the galaxy.

With all that said, your soon-to-be not-so-lonely companion is out there waiting for you, so let’s get to it!

Does Starfield have romance?

Starfield does have romance, Bethesda confirmed ahead of launch in its Starfield Direct.

A few of the key Starfield companions can be romanced, though this part of the game isn’t as feature-rich as the likes of Baldur’s Gate 3's romance.

You can, however, get married and have a ceremony, though some players have reported that alien creatures can quite hilariously wander into frame during this sequence - arguably making for a most memorable betrothal.

As in real life, there are certain things that will tick off each individual companion or win their affections, but we have more on how to romance the individual companions just below.

Who are the Starfield romance options?

There are four known Starfield romance options, and these are as follows:

  • Andreja
  • Barrett
  • Sam Coe
  • Sarah Morgan

We’ve got more detailed guides on how to romance them just below, so read on if you are lost for love!


Andreja, one of the characters you can romance in Starfield.
Andreja, one of the characters you can romance in Starfield. Bethesda

Andreja is a romanceable character who appears later in the game, and depending on how you approach the mainline missions, you might not encounter her until much later on - as she is found during the quest Into the Unknown.

Andreja had a rough start to life and has had to turn to some unsavoury methods to keep her head above the water. As such, Andreja will react positively to actions where you use Intimidation.

An example of this is during the quest No Sudden Moves; you will be confronted by Captain Petrov, who is in possession of an artifact, and if you Intimidate him into surrendering it, Andreja will react positively to this.

You can belittle him for this, too, which Andreja will appreciate.

If you find yourself selecting dialogue options that see your character doubting themselves, Andreja won’t think highly of this, as they have had to strike it out on their own their whole life.

Despite their propensity for shady tactics, though, Andreja won’t appreciate it if you go around New Atlantis shooting everyone you see.

Likes – Taking action, Intimidation, confidence

Dislikes – Indecisiveness, harming innocents


Barrett in Starfield leaning back with his hands behind his head
Barrett in Starfield. Bethesda

Though you meet him early on in the game, Barrett can be recruited once you have completed the quest Back to Vectera.

Barrett is a certified do-gooder and will react positively when you obey the law and do the "right" thing.

If your relationship isn’t very strong yet, he won’t respond positively to questions about his past, but once your standing with him is high enough, he will begin to appreciate these questions.

Likes – Law abiding, helping others, doing the right thing

Dislikes – Criminal acts, prodding him about his personal life when you don’t know him that well

Sam Coe

A character from Starfield wearing a cowboy hat and leather jacket
Sam Coe in Starfield. Bethesda

Everybody's favourite root-tootin’ gunslingin’ space cowboy ranger who absolutely hates crime but has all the love in the world for his daughter.

Perhaps it’s unsurprising that the descendant of Akila City founder Solomon Coe would have a propensity for justice, but it is important to note as he will not take kindly to criminal acts.

Letting criminals go will also earn his ire.

Likes – Justice, sending criminals to jail, his daughter, libertarianism

Dislikes – Criminal acts, letting criminals go, big government

Sarah Morgan

A female Starfield character in a burgundy padded jacket
Sarah Morgan in Starfield. Bethesda Game Studios

You might be surprised to hear that Constellation head honcho Sarah Morgan has time in her life for that special someone, but the universe is a lonely place after all.

As the leader of a secretive group looking to protect humanity and further their cognisance of the galaxy, it’s no bombshell that dropping a literal bombshell on innocents won’t do much in the way to impress her.

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By working with her and helping Constellation, Morgan will take a liking to you without having to do too much else. Just don’t be too partisan in your opinion of the United Colonies, as they believe strongly in the cause.

In dialogue, choose options that are positive about Constellation and questions about the universe. When dealing with other NPCs during conflict, Morgan will appreciate it when you are able to settle the issue without bloodshed.

She doesn’t mind justice being dispensed, though, so blowing up some raiders won’t cause her to so much as blink.

Likes – Constellation, exploration, eagerness to explore the universe, abiding the law, peaceful resolutions

Dislikes – Criminal acts, shady tactics, mocking Constellation

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How will romance work in Starfield?

Romance in Starfield is quite simple; all you have to do is act in a way that isn’t against the ideals and morals of your companions.

During dialogue, you will occasionally see a "flirt" option, and you should opt for this if you want to further your relationship with them.

Different companions like certain traits or actions, so be sure to go over the Likes and Dislikes above to give you a general sense of what and not to do.

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