A top Starfield companion can go a long way from turning a good experience into a great one.


Yes, there's always the option to fly solo and see the stars by yourself, but having somebody by your side along the way can equally be as special.

Companions can be found in all corners of the galaxy, helping you to fill out your ship's crew with those you want to go adventuring with.

Over time, relationships can be established and even become romantic. They say space travel is complicated; try love. Of course, this only adds to everything that Starfield offers.

To help better understand how companions work, alongside who can actually be recruited for your space crew, head below for all the latest details.

Starfield companions explained: Who are they and what can they do?

Starfield's Vasco with dialogue options in front of him
Starfield's Vasco. Bethesda

There are over 20 Starfield companions that you can find and recruit during your adventure in Bethesda’s latest RPG. Each one can be hired to work for you, follow you around and carry your items for you.

Four companions are heavily involved in the main story and can all be added to your crew early on if you choose to focus solely on the main missions. They can also be romanced, too. These four Constellation companions are:

  • Andreja
  • Barrett
  • Sam Coe
  • Sarah Morgan

Outside of those four, there are plenty more companions to find and recruit, with many of them hanging around at spaceports and other random locations.

It’s worth recruiting as many as possible, as they will help out on your ship, in combat and at outposts.

All Starfield companions and where to find them


One of the four Constellation companions, Andreja, can be found and recruited for free after completing the main story mission Into the Unknown.

She has four-star stealth, three-star particle beams, two-star energy weapons and one-star theft as her skills.


To unlock Barrett, another of the four Constellation companions, you need to complete the main story mission Back to Vectera. As with all four Constellation companions, he’s free to recruit.

He has four-star starship engineering, three-star particle beams, two-star robotics and one-star gastronomy as his skills.

Sam Coe

Complete the main story mission The Empty Nest to add Sam Coe to your ranks for free.

This third Constellation companion has four-star piloting, three-star rifle certification, two-star payloads and one-star geology as his skills.

Sarah Morgan

A female Starfield character in a burgundy padded jacket
Starfield's Sarah Morgan. Bethesda Game Studios

Sarah Morgan is the last of the Constellation companions and you’ll recruit her for free upon completing the main story mission The Old Neighbourhood.

Her skills are four-star astrodynamics, three-star lasers, two-star leadership and one-star botany.

Adoring Fan

Not only is he a great Easter egg, but Adoring Fan can be recruited as a companion early on in Starfield. You can hire your biggest fan simply by having the Hero Worshipped trait.

His skills include one-star scavenging, one-star concealment and two-star weight lifting.

Andromeda Kepler

Find and recruit Andromeda Kepler in the Broken Spear in Cedonia. Pay her fee to recruit her (lower it via persuasion).

Her skills are two-star outpost engineering, one-star piloting and one-star aneutronic fusion.

Dani Garcia

Dani Garcia should be at the bar in Neon in Volii Alpha. Agree to their recreational activities before you can hire them.

Garcia’s skills are two-star robotics, one-star chemistry and one-star energy weapons.

Gideon Aker

You’ll find Gideon Aker at The Viewport in New Atlantis. You can recruit him for his asking price (or lower, if you’re persuasive enough).

His skills include two-star ballistic and missile weapons.


You can recruit Heller during the Back to Vectera main story mission.

His skills are one-star geology and three-star outpost engineering.

Jessamine Griffin

You can find and recruit Jessamine Griffin at The Key in the Kryx System after at least partially completing the Rook Meets King quest.

Her skills are two-star ballistic weapons, one-star theft and one-star concealment.


Lin is another companion you can recruit during the Back to Vectera main story mission. Speak to her before you leave ("Let’s get you assigned somewhere") to recruit her for free.

Her skills are one-star demolitions and three-star outpost management.

Marika Boros

You should find Marika Boros in The Viewport in New Atlantis. Talk to her to recruit her for her asking price (or less, if you’re persuasive enough).

She has one-star shotgun, two-star ballistics and one-star particle beam weapons skills.

Mickey Caviar

You should find Mickey Caviar in the Astral Lounge in Neon. Pay his asking price (or lower it with some persuasion) to recruit him.

His one-star incapacitation, one-star gastronomy and two-star wellness skills could come in handy.

Moara Otero

Complete The Old Neighbourhood mission and then head to the Broken Spear in Cedonia to recruit Moara Otero for free.

He has two-star EM weapons and two-star marksmanship skills.

Omari Hassan

Freestar Collective on Akila in Starfield
Freestar Collective on Akila in Starfield. Bethesda Game Studios

You should be able to find and recruit Omari Hassan at The Hitching Post in Akila. Pay his fee (or reduce it with persuasion) to recruit him.

His skills are three-star shields and one-star starship engineering.

Rafael Aguerro

Complete the mission Entangled to save Rafael Aguerro before you can find and recruit him at the Viewport in New Atlantis.

He has two-star starship engineering, one-star outpost engineering and one-star outpost management as his skills.

Rosie Tannehill

Rosie Tannehill should be found at The Hitching Post in Akila. You’ll need to pay her asking price to recruit her (or get it down cheaper, thanks to some persuasion).

She has one-star medicine and three-star wellness as her skills.

Simeon Bankowski

You should find Simeon Bankowski at The Viewport in New Atlantis. Pay his fee (lower it with persuasion) to recruit him.

Bankowski’s skills are one-star marksmanship, one-star sharpshooting and two-star sniper certification.

Sophia Grace

You should find Sophia Grace in Madame Sauvage’s Place at Neon in Volii Alpha. Pay her fee to recruit her (cheaper with persuasion).

Her skills are three-star stealth and one-star lasers.

Vasco the robot

To unlock Vasco the robot, you need to complete the main story mission One Small Step.

Vasco is free to recruit and has the following skills: two-star shields, one-star aneutronic fusion and one-star EM weapons.

How to hire crew in Starfield

Among the patrons of Starfield's bars and lounges across the universe, you can find hired hands who can take up positions on your spaceship or outposts.

These crew members have random stats, so you'll need to play the field to find good crew members.

Hired crew can be found in the Astral Lounge in Neon, the Broken Spear in Cydonia and The Viewport in the New Atlantis Spaceport.

The hired crew will have names like "Propulsion Specialist" or "Defense System Specialist", and they will specialise in Piloting and Ship Systems respectively.

If you have loads of outposts and want to keep the fully-fledged companions close to you on your ship, they're great to hire and dump in a forgotten corner of the universe.

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