As has been the case with almost all of Bethesda’s games, you are given the choice of whether to play in first-person or third-person.


Yet if you’re stuck on how to do this, then luckily for you, you have found our guide on how to change your Starfield FOV – explaining how to switch to first or third-person perspective, including how to change your first-person FOV in Starfield on PC.

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Adjusting your FOV probably won’t change your actual perspective on Starfield’s factions, but it will alter how up close or far away they will seem when befriending (or blasting) them.

It may help you get (literally) closer to your companions and your quest to romance them, but perhaps not emotionally. The Starfield voice cast shouldn’t be any louder or quieter though.

But enough of all that, read on to get our perspective on the Starfield perspective, and the potential mods to change your FOV!

Starfield FOV: How to switch between first-person and third-person view

To change between first and third-person on Xbox (or when using an Xbox controller on PC), all you need to do is press the View (Xbox) button and you can cycle between the two modes depending on your preference.

On PC, all you need to do is press the Mouse 3 (scroll wheel) button to change to your preferred perspective. This is what the keybinding is by default, and you can, of course, remap this if you want to use the middle button for something you want quick access to.

Both modes play very nicely, but first-person feels a bit more intuitive for combat and seeing details up close - but your mileage may vary.

How to change first-person FOV in Starfield on PC

Curiously, Bethesda didn't include an FOV slider for PC users, meaning that without some notepad trickery, you are stuck to the default FOV - which you may find too narrow.

Mercifully, Reddit user clu_sauce has shown us mere mortals the way, explaining just how to do it on a Reddit post.

To adjust your FOV in Starfield on PC, follow these steps.

  • Go to Documents/Mygames/Starfield and create a Text File called 'StarfieldCustom.ini'
  • Then type out
    • [Camera]
  • Save the file and load up Starfield and your FOV will be automatically changed.

You can change the 100.0000 value to whatever you would like, with fFPWorldFOV controlling your first-person FOV and fTPWorldFOV controlling your third-person FOV.

It’s worth noting that increasing your FOV will make the game more demanding to run as more of the world will be rendered, so make sure your rig has headroom above Starfield’s minimum and recommended specs.

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Your achievements won’t be affected by this either, as the game doesn’t register it as any sort of cheat.

Funnily enough, this has been the same trick to adjust your FOV since Oblivion, as the games are both on essentially the same engine - but with Starfield having a much more updated build.

Hopefully, in due course, Bethesda will introduce official means to adjust your FOV.

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