Bethesda does love a good lockpick puzzle. From Skyrim to Fallout and now Starfield, lock picks have come in all shapes and sizes - but now we have moved to the future with Digipicks.


These interesting new lockpick challenges require a bit of thought, patience and sometimes the necessary level of skills to jimmy them open. By doing this, though, the rewards can be very useful in your pursuit across the galaxy.

Even if a brief tutorial is given in Starfield, it's fair to say that Bethesda does leave a lot to the player to figure out.

That's where we come in. Instead of trying endlessly to break down these frustrating locks while using up all your valuable Digipicks, we've done our best to break down how the puzzles work and what you need to succeed.

Head below for all the latest Digipick details, as well as how to complete the mini-games without breaking a sweat.

Starfield Digipick explained: How to complete the lockpick mini-game

A Digipick in Starfield
A Digipick in Starfield. Bethesda

Whenever you have a Digipick in your possession and you attempt to pick a lock, the lockpicking mini-game screen will be presented. This features a number of rings with open slots, all of which need to have a key that fits into them.

On the right-hand side, there are the available keys (represented by straight lines) with the aim being to figure out which keys fit into which open slots. The best thing to do is to take your time and count how many slots there are to eliminate which keys won’t work.

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Alternatively, if you unlock Security Level 2, the rings will light up blue when you have selected a key that will fit. Just because it fits doesn’t necessarily mean it will work, however, as you can lock out another key required to complete that ring or the next one.

Advanced locks will need multiple keys for each ring, so experiment with lining each up. These keys will be left in place when you try a different one.

Make sure to line up keys that work with the outer and inner rings, and that the keys in their respective rings don’t have overlapping slots before attempting to insert them, as it will use a Digipick - and undoing it will use another.

YouTuber Kibbles Gaming has a great explainer video on how to successfully use a Digipick. Check it out below:

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Where to get more Digipicks in Starfield

A Digipick on a desk in Starfield
A Digipick on a desk in Starfield. Bethesda

You can find Digipicks in Starfield in all corners of the universe whenever you loot containers and deceased enemies.

Truth be told, Digipicks are reasonably random. Sometimes you will just stumble upon one on a desk, so make sure to keep an eye out.

Additionally, pickpocketing NPCs can also yield Digipicks. To do this, players will need to have unlocked the Theft skill or selected the Cyber Runner or Gangster background during character creation.

Vendors also sell Digipick for 35 credits, with plenty of such places in New Atlantis – for instance, Jemison Mercantile, which is found in the spaceport.

Unfortunately, vendors only sell three at a time. What you need to do to get more quickly is to buy the few available, find a chair or bed and wait 24 to 48 hours in-game (it differs) and the vendor will refresh their stock.

Take your time, stock up regularly and keep an eye out when journeying across the cosmos and you should always be in strong supply.

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