It wouldn’t be a Bethesda game without compulsively picking everything up to sell before realising the 200 forks in your possession aren’t worth much... so to help better manage your hoarding, we have Starfield storage explained, with how to carry more, sell items and not be overburdened.


In Starfield, if you are carrying too much - as you may have already discovered in early access - running will cost more energy, and you won’t be able to fast travel.

This extends to your companions and your spaceship, too, so good inventory management is essential, especially in a game as long as Starfield - as you will no doubt find plenty of gear across its many missions.

Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to the problem, including selling your goods, shifting your gear to your companions, consuming items to temporarily buff your stats and selling your items, with certain Starfield factions being more receptive to stolen goods.

We have plenty more Starfield tips and tricks, too, if you find yourself lost in space.

No doubt your companions might grumble if you overload them with armour and lasers, though, and to see who will be doing the complaining, check out the Starfield cast.

With all that said, and space-loot practically falling out of your pockets, read on to find out all you need to know!

How to carry more in Starfield & stop being overburdened

There are quite a few options for reducing the load in Starfield, all of which we have listed for you down below.

Share the load

As Lydia said about a million times in Skyrim, "I am sworn to carry your burdens," and companions in Starfield share the same fate, as you can offload everything you looted that wasn’t bolted down onto them.

They, of course, have their own carrying capacity limit, so be sure to manage their inventories as well - as you don’t want to get caught out raiding a base and not be able to pick up all the sweet gear.

Use your ship storage

Using a little computer screen to the left of your cockpit, you can access your spaceship’s storage, which can carry a lot more than you can.

If you are about to raid a base, make sure to transfer some of your items. Do remember, though, that your ship has a weight limit, and you won’t be able to take off if you’ve thrown a hundred sets of armour in the back.

More like this

Spend your skill points on 'weight lifting'

If you simply must carry more, then you’ve got to pump digital iron and hit the gym by way of spending skill points on 'weight lifting'. If only it were that easy in real life.

This – perhaps unsurprisingly – lets you carry more weight by way of being more hench, and is a great option for all you buff space-buffs out there.

You can also find magazines that increase your weight lifting stat, if you’d rather spend the skill points elsewhere.

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Where to sell items in Starfield

On each major settlement, there are vendors who will be ready and willing to buy your wares to help empty your pockets and fill them back up with credits. One such vendor can be found in the little booth at the New Atlantis port.

Items that are contraband or were stolen will require a fence and a shielded cargo to prevent the prying eyes of the United Colonies from taking a peek at your illicit goods.

Vendors who will buy stolen goods can be found in most areas, but the easiest place to offload your sneaky stuff is on The Key, home to the Crimson Fleet.

Neon is also host to plenty of ne’er-do-wells, so you can be sure to easily find people with a lack of scruples.

Modify your spacesuit and pack

There is plenty of customisation in Starfield, and this extends to your spacesuits and packs. You can apply the 'Pocketed' or 'Carry Capacity' Mods to a spacesuit or pack of your choosing, and this will let you carry more before being over-encumbered.

Choose the 'Kid Stuff' Trait

When creating your character, opt for the Kid Stuff Trait, and this gets you the High School Backpack early on. Being an adult, you will no doubt be lugging around giant lasers rather than textbooks, but a bag’s a bag for a’ that.


Similar to Fallout’s numerous substances and Skyrim’s potions, Starfield also lets you use consumables to temporarily buff your stats. A few of these are listed below.

  • Bourbon (drink) – +8 Carry Capacity for 5 minutes, -25% oxygen recovery for 5 minutes
  • Alien Liquor (drink) – +10 Carry Capacity for 5 minutes, -25% oxygen recovery for 5 minutes
  • UC Battlemeal (food) – Restores 15 health and gains you +6 Carry Capacity for 5 minutes
  • UC Battlemeal Multipack (food) – Restores 20 health and gains you +8 Carry Capacity for 5 minutes
  • Pick-Me-Up (treatment) – +50 Carry Capacity for 15 minutes

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