It’s no secret that Baldur’s Gate 3 is no prude when it comes to mature content.


In fact, it proudly wears it on its sleeve, which may be a deciding factor for players looking to buy it - so for those searching for love, we will be today going over Baldur's Gate 3 relationships and how to romance companions in BG3.

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You may remember the infamous bear episode during a trailer on the lead-up to the launch date, and that is pretty much par for the course in Baldur’s Gate 3: The game makes the likes of Mass Effect or The Witcher blush, and if that isn’t your fancy, you can toggle nudity off and opt not to engage in any relations during your time.

For those that do, though, we have an exhaustive list of how to impress and win over your companions, as well as a guide to other characters who aren’t in your party and can be quite easy to miss.

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Who can you romance in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Shadowheart in Baldur's Gate 3, wearing a helmet and armour
Shadowheart in Baldur's Gate 3. Larian Studios

There are quite a few folks with whom you can form relationships with during your time in Baldur’s Gate 3; some are long-term commitments and others are passing affairs.

No matter your character's gender or orientation, all of these can be interested in you.

Below is a list of companions who can be romanced in Baldur’s Gate 3.

  • Astarion
  • Gale
  • Halsin
  • Jaheira
  • Karlach
  • Lae’zel
  • Minsc
  • Minthara
  • Shadowheart
  • Wyll

Next, we have a list of characters who you can have a fleeting fling with - but be warned, as these characters aren’t inherently obvious, so it may be a bit of a spoiler.

  • The Drow Twins
  • The Guardian
  • Mizora
  • Naoise Nallinto

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How to romance companions in Baldur’s Gate 3

You can romance companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 if you perform actions that are aligned with their own beliefs and interests.

As an example, druid Halsin loves animals, and if you repeatedly help animals in the wild and treat them with respect, he will begin to take notice and dialogue options will become available.

Astarion Romance

Astarion is a vampire and, as such, he unsurprisingly takes a great deal of pleasure in blood being spilt - so if you are the ruthless type, you will win his affections. He is an incredibly flirtatious character regardless of whether you humour his advances. He mostly appears quite superficial, but he does have an interesting backstory that he will share once he trusts you enough.

Likes – Doing what he wants, aligning yourself with monsters and murdering.

Dislikes – Helping others.

Gale Romance

On the opposite end of the spectrum to Astarion, Gale is about the most altruistic guy going in Faerûn and - he will approve highly of you when you help others. Being a well-read magical fellow, displays of intelligence, and an understanding of the arcane and all things magic, will get him to recite flouncy romantic texts.

He also shares with you at camp the dark magic that threatens his life, something that he regards to be a "romantic moment" between the two of you, so it’s best to let him explain everything if you want to pursue him romantically.

Likes – Magic, helping others, displays of intelligence.

Dislikes – Hurting others, being dim-witted.

Halsin Romance

Ah yes, the bear man from the trailer. Perhaps incidentally, the best mascot Larian Studios could have ever have hoped for. As we eluded to earlier, himbo Halsin loves all things nature, and if you side with the tieflings and the druids and dispatch the goblin raiders then you are well on your way to experiencing one of the most bizarre moments in gaming history.

You will have to play the long game, though, as despite Halsin being in your camp after defeating the goblin leaders, he won’t be able to join your party for quite some time.

Likes – Helping the tieflings and druids, nature, helping others.

Dislikes – Hurting animals and people.

Jaheira Romance

Returning from the originals, Jaheira isn’t available as a companion for quite some time - and we won’t spoil how you can recruit her as it’s quite the plot point - but we can tell you a little about her.

Jaheira is seen as a hero with little time for dawdling and, as such, heroic actions and quick thinking are the best way to get her to notice you.

Likes – Heroic actions, justice, quick thinking in difficult situations.

Dislikes – Trickery, hurting others.

Karlach Romance

Though Karlach may appear to be quite the unapproachable literal devil, she is anything but. You will need to deal with the situation regarding the Infernal Machine that has replaced her heart, as anyone who actually touches her could get literally and metaphorically burned.

Along the way, before her heart is quenched, be sure to not be shy about your feelings, helping others and being honest with other companions and characters.

Likes – Being good to others, being honest and straightforward.

Dislikes – Hurting others, treachery, aligning yourself with her former captors.

Lae’zel Romance

Your interactions with Lae’zel will quite often leave you second-guessing her attitude or feelings towards you, but if have displayed strength, engaged in violence to deal with problems or have agreed to seek out the gith to try and get rid of the mind flayers' tadpole, she will very abruptly say to you, "I smell your sweat. I mean to taste it," which honestly caught us off guard.

Just be sure not to be too buddy-buddy with Shadowheart, as you may have noticed during your time with Baldur’s Gate 3 that they don’t exactly get along.

Gith’yanki relationships are complicated, to say the least, so you may have your heart broken if you want something long-term.

Likes – Violence, displays of strength and aligning with the gith.

Dislikes – Shadowheart (in general) and siding with her, seeking peaceful resolutions rather than violence and going against the gith.

Minsc Romance

The jury is out currently if you can romance Minsc, but Larian has confirmed that all companions can be romanced - so time will tell.

If we go off of what he was like in the originals, Minsc wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed and relied on his hamster, Boo, for making important decisions (he had suffered a traumatic brain injury).

He is unrelentingly loyal and sweet,, though so helping him and others and not questioning Boo are sure-fire ways to win his approval.

Likes – His hamster Boo, helping others, loyalty.

Dislikes – Mocking Boo.

Minthara Romance

Look no further if you like them bad (like, literally evil) - because Minthara is about the cruellest companion you can get cosy with.

To win her affection, you have to side with her and the rest of the goblins and raid Druid Grove. Once you have wiped the druids out, a goblin-themed party will take place at your camp where you can proposition her.

It’s not a long-term thing, we’re afraid to say, as Minthara has evil business to attend to elsewhere.

Likes – Siding with her and killing the druids, being evil.

Dislikes – Being killed.

Shadowheart Romance

Make sure to rescue Shadowheart in the nautiloid ship, as this will do a huge amount of legwork for you before the game has even properly started. After the fact, respecting Shadowheart's privacy and allowing her to open up to you on her own terms will also work very well.

It’s a far longer process than any of the other companions as she is devoted to her god, Shar, and her secret mission, making her a lot more closed-off.

Being a disciple of Shar, the Deity of Darkness, Shadowheart greatly appreciates acts of Deception and Persuasion (on others). Just don’t give Lae’zel the time of the day as they are sworn enemies in the beginning.

During the camp celebration, you can opt to share a bottle of wine with her and a kiss, which paves the way for a relationship.

Likes – Respecting her privacy, Deception, Persuasion and treating animals nicely.

Dislikes – Being needlessly cruel, Lae’zel and helping the gith.

Wyll Romance

Being a warlock, Wyll is already quite begrudgingly committed to a powerful devil, Mizora, who keeps his soul captive in exchange for his powers.

If you do pursue Wyll, she will frequently make an appearance, spoiling the mood somewhat - and you will eventually come to a decision in Act Three about how it all goes down.

Along the way, though, if you prove yourself to be a kind, brave and strong fellow and don’t go with the goblins, Wyll will be absolutely head over heels for you.

Likes – Bravery, acts of strength and being kind.

Dislikes – Aligning yourself with the goblins or devils.

How to romance other characters in Baldur’s Gate 3

These are the characters that can be a bit spoiler-y, so stop here if you don’t want to ruin any potential secret encounters for yourself.

The Drow Twins

In Sharess’ Caress Brothel in the Wyvern Crossing in Act Three, you will happen upon brother and sister, Sorn and Nym Orluth.

Their companionship can be bought for 500 gold individually - or, if you have a partner, you can hire both of them.

The Guardian

Yes, even the supernatural being who appears to you in your dreams can be propositioned. We’re honestly more surprised when a character cannot at this point. You need to wait until Act Three, and if you need any clues, you can find your answers in Elfsong Tavern’s basement residing in the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate proper.


Not content with just having Wyll’s soul, Mizora is quite keen to have a bit of yours too. During Act Three, the situation with Wyll’s contract will come to a boiling point, and you need to make a decision regarding it.

After the fact, Mizroa will hang around your camp for a while and make her intentions known. If you indulge, Wyll won’t be best pleased.

Naoise Nallinto

Also residing at Sharess’ Caress is Naoise, and you have to get rid of a rather unpleasant and tentacle-faced client of hers before Naoise will offer you her... shall we say 'different' experience.

It leaves you with a Special Blessing until you next take a long rest if you’re in need of a buff.

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