With so much coming at you in the opening of Baldur’s Gate 3, it's easy to become overwhelmed and find yourself scrambling to get off the ship as fast as possible.


But you need not rush as you can miss a couple of things that will really help your journey down the road, including a powerful Baldur's Gate 3 sword.

Despite Lae'zel barking at you to get to the bridge, you can actually meander around and stop to smell the cephalopod flowers of the Nautiloid and get to grips with the mechanics before venturing forth into the unknown.

There are a couple of other things worth doing as well and we'll cover those too, so you can start your journey to Baldur's Gate with your best foot forward – especially when you check out our guide to the best Baldur's Gate 3 builds.

Read on and all shall be revealed to you, dear reader.

How to get Everburn Blade sword early in Baldur's Gate 3

At the end of the prologue in the Nautiloid ship, you’ll see Commander Zhalk and a Mindflayer duking it out and the astute among you will notice that the Commander is wielding a very fancy-looking sword, the Everburn Blade.

You only have a limited amount of turns before the ship crashes so you’d be forgiven for wanting to just get to the other side of the room to the controls as soon as possible.

The best option though is to sneak one of your party members to the front and wait by the control panel while the others attack the Commander with the Mindflayer.

Once the Commander is dead, grab the Everburn and transfer it to your character's inventory if they aren't the one who picked it up and then trigger the teleport.

And hey presto! You have a great sword to use for yourself or a party member proficient with Heavy Weapons.

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Other early game advice for Baldur's Gate 3

Should you save the brain in Baldur's Gate 3?

Onboard the Nautiloid you can also come across a body on a dissection table with its brain exposed. As it transpires, you can communicate with the brain and they call themselves Us.

Us is under the waning power of the Mindflayers and reaches out to you to save them. Saving them allows them to join your party and they have quite a lot of Hit Points and can deal out quite a lot of damage.

It might be a little odd to wander the world with a brain with arms and legs in tow but there are far stranger things ahead in Baldur's Gate 3 and Us will soon become part of the scenery when compared with the truly bizarre creatures out there.

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