If you're like us, one of the most exciting parts in an RPG like Baldur's Gate 3 is the character creation at the very start. We spend way too much time getting them just right. Well, either that or making them look as ridiculous as possible.


It's inevitable that later on you'll have regrets. Maybe your character stands out a bit too much in a cutscene, or they're a wee bit distracting during the intense gameplay. So is there a way to change your character's aesthetics after you've designed them at the start?

We'll investigate below!

Can you change appearance in Baldur's Gate 3?

We regret to inform you that you can't change your character once the game has begun. So if you've decided to play the game as a green warlock, there's no way to become a human once you've left the creation screen and started the game.

This means that while you're focusing on creating the best build in Baldur's Gate 3, make sure you're also happy with your character's appearance.

However, that doesn't mean your overall aesthetic can't change as you play.

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How to change appearance in Baldur's Gate 3

Let's start with the obvious. Your character will be constantly changing appearance throughout the game as you obtain new armour and weapons. When you switch gear, and swap swords and shields, these changes will of course appear in the game. So that's one way to cover up your early decisions! A good hat or helmet will cover that embarrassing haircut.

There are also story-based alterations that can happen to your character, although these are quite minor.

If you're that desperate for a complete makeover, there's the option to shapeshift. If you managed to grab the Digital Deluxe Edition, the "Mask of the Shapeshifter" will be inside the traveller's chest. This is only a temporary change, and you'll be right back to your true self whenever you rest.

And those are your options! If a patch surfaces that lets you change mid-game, we'll update this page and let you know. Until then, enjoy your quests through the Forgotten Realms!

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