The world of Baldur's Gate 3 is a dangerous place – one that requires the proper weapons and equipment to get by – and you can improve your chances by going over our list of Legendary items to see what are the best items in BG3.


Some of these items are truly bonkers and massively help you to bonk enemies out of the mortal plane or keep yourself within it.

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They can also accentuate the abilities of certain builds and classes in particular so you might need to share them with your companions, such as Shadowheart who can make good use of The Blood of Lathander.

If you're not feeling legend enough to wield such items though, check out how to change your appearance in BG3 for a mid-quest makeover.

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There are loads of legendary items out there though, so make haste and read on!

Baldur's Gate 3 Legendary Items: What are the best items in BG3?

A big skeleton being manipulated in Baldur's Gate 3
Baldur's Gate 3. Larian Studios

The Blood of Lathander

Legendary Simple Melee Weapon

Lathander's Blessing – Once per Long Rest, when your hit points are reduced to 0, you regain 2-12 hit points. Allies within 9m also regain 1-6 hit points.

Lathander's Light – Sheds holy light in a 6m radius. In combat, fiends and undead standing in the light are Blinded, unless they succeed a Constitution saving throw.

Damage – 8 ~ 13 damage

Weapon Enchantment – (+3)

Spell – Sunbeam

Action – Concussive Smash

Advantage – 1d6+3 Bludgeoning

How to get the Blood of Lathander

Travel to the Inquisitor’s chamber which lies in the centre of the Githyanki Creche, Y’llek, close to the Mountain Pass.

To get there, either give Kith'rak Therezzyn the mysterious artefact (the artefact refuses to be given up, however) and they’ll let you pass. Or, alternatively, pickpocket the key to deactivate the Githyanki Barrier Disruptor.

In the chamber, the Inquisitor will try and initiate a dialogue with you, but you can veer left and hop down into the room on the western wing that has two statues.

These two statues have plaques that will offer some clues on what to do next. The statue on the left-hand side’s plaque reads "Lathander bids the setting sun a fond farewell", with the right saying "Lathander blesses the bountiful, rising sun".

What it’s asking is to point the statues in the direction of the setting and rising sun respectively.

The left statue is stuck and requires an attack of 10 damage to get it moving again.

Point the left statue to the west and the right to the east and a hidden doorway appears. Head on through here to the next phase.

In this room, there are three barriers standing in your way that are powered by crystals. Destroy each crystal and be wary of the traps littering the room.

After this, you will be able to pass into the room containing the mace, but you’re not quite there yet.

There will be a number of checks to pass to inspect the mace and reach where it’s being held. If you pass these, it should reveal that if you take the mace, the monastery will blow up.

To avoid being obliterated, make sure you use a character who has the worst ranged abilities to take the mace.

Once the mace is removed, you will either need to destroy the Lathander Solar Machines in under four turns. These are placed in each corner of the room and require ranged attacks to knock them out.

Alternatively, you can make use of the Dawnmaster’s Crest if you managed to figure out the Stained Glass puzzle atop the Rosymorn Monastery above. You can slot this Crest under where the mace is to avoid the detonation sequence entirely.

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Helldusk Armour

Legendary Heavy Armour

The Wearer of this Item gains:

Skill – Fly

Helldusk Armour – You're considered Proficient with this armour while wearing it.

Infernal Retribution – When you succeed Saving Throw, the caster receives Burning for 3 round.

Prime Aegis of Fire – You have resistance for Fire Damage and cannot be Burned. You take 3 less damage from All sources.

How to get Helldusk Armour

The journey to acquire this armour is no small feat. You must first reach Baldur's Gate itself and locate the House of Hope, Raphael's lair.

Finding it involves seeking out the Devil's Fee shop in the lower city's northwestern part. Pay 10,000 gold or haggle it down to 1,000 with the woman there to teleport to your destination.

Inside the House of Hope, look high and low for the armour set pieces and prepare to face Raphael himself, a formidable foe with 666 (this is the Helldusk armour, after all) hit points, godlike stats and magic resistance. The ensuing battle is quite the challenge, but unsurprising given its end-game nature.

Shar’s Spear of Evening

Legendary Spear

Shar’s Blessing – You gain Advantage on Saving Throws while Lightly or Heavily Obscured. This weapon deals an additional 1d6 to creatures that are Lightly or Heavily Obscured.

Blind Immunity – The wearer cannot be Blinded.

Shar’s Darkness – Level 2 Evocation Spell

  • Damage – 5 ~ 12 Damage 1d8 (1d6)+4 Piercing
  • Weapon Enchantment – (+2)

How to get Shar’s Spear of Evening

To get Shar’s Spear of Evening, you need to have completed the Shar Trials quest and decided to kill the Nightsong.

Selune’s Spear of Night

Legendary Spear

Selûne’s Blessing – You gain Advantage on Wisdom Saving Throws and Perception Checks.

Darkvision – You can see in the dark up to 12m.

Moonbean – Call down a silvery beam of pale light that damages any creature that enters the beam or starts its turn in the light. You can use an action to move the beam 18m.

Moonmote – Illuminate the area around you with wisps of moonish light that make movement difficult for enemies and bolster your allies' damage.

  • Damage – 1d8 (1d6)+4 Piercing +2 Piercing
  • Weapon Enchantment – (+3)

How to get Selune’s Spear of Night

To get Seulune’s Spear of Night, you need to have completed the Shar Trials quest and decided to have spared the Nightsong.


Legendary Dagger

Improved Critical – The number you need to roll a Critical Hit while attacking is reduced by 1. This effect can stack.

Exploit Weakness – Creatures hit with this weapon receive Vulnerability to Piercing damage.

True Strike Ripose (Off-Hand Only) – When a creature missed you with a melee attack, you may retaliate and gain True Strike.

  • Damage – 9 ~ 12 Damage
  • Weapon Enchantment – (+2)
  • Cantrip – True Strike
  • Advantage – 1d4+6 Piercing, +2 Piercing

How to get Bloodthirst Dagger

To get the Bloodthirst Dagger, you need to complete the quest Beat Orin the Red in Act 3. When you kill Orin the Red, you can take this dagger for yourself.

Crimson Mischief

Legendary Shortsword

Prey Upon the Weak – This weapon deals an additional 1~4 piercing damage against targets with 50% of their hit points or fewer.

Redvein Savagery (Main Hand Only) – When you make an attack with Advantage, the target takes an additional 7 piercing damage.

Crimson Weapon (Off-Hand Only) – When you make an attack with your off-hand weapon, you can add your Ability Modifier to the damage of the attack.

  • Damage – 12 ~ 22 Damage
  • Weapon Enchantment – (+2)
  • Advantage – 1d6+6 Piercing, +2 Piercing, +1d4 Necrotic, +1d4 Piercing (conditional)

How to get Crimson Mischief

To get the Crimson Mischief, you need to complete the quest Beat Orin the Red in Act 3. Much like her other weapon, the Bloodthirst Dagger, it will be on her person after you kill her.

Gloves of Soul Catching

Soul Fists – Your unarmed attacks deal an additional 1-10 Force Damage.

Soul Catching – Once per turn, on an unarmed hit, you regain 10 hit points. Alternatively, you may forego healing to gain Advantage on Attack Rolls and Saving Throws until the end of your next turn.

Constitution – (+2) Up to 20.

How to get the Gloves of Soul Catching

To get the Gloves of Soul Catching, you need to free Hope during the House of Hope quest in Act 3 by using the Orphic Hammer, escape through the hatch and finally defeat Raphael.

Viconia’s Walking Fortress

Legendary Shield

Rebuke of the Mighty – When a foe hits you with a melee attack, you can use your reaction, dealing it 2-8 Force damage and knock it Prone unless they succeed a Dexterity Saving Throw.

Spellguard – You gain Advantage on Saving Throws against Spells. Spell Attack Rolls against you have Disadvantage.

Reflective Shell – A protective shell envelops you. It reflects any projectiles targeted at you to their point of origin. Doesn't affect creatures that don't rely on sight or that you can see through illusions.

Warding Bond – Ward an ally. They gain Resistance to all damage, and a +1 bonus to their Armour Class and Saving Throws.

  • Armour Class – (+3)

How to get Viconia’s Walking Fortress

To get Viconia’s Walking Fortress, you need to decide to kill Viconia DeVir after defeating her in battle in the House of Grief as part of Shadowheart’s companion quest, Daughter of Darkness. Sparing her will see her disappear, along with her shield.


Legendary Trident

Zephyr Connection – This weapon will return to your hand when thrown. You cannot be forced to drop the trident. When thrown, the weapon creates an explosion that deals 3-12 Thunder Damage in a 6m blast centred on the target.

Veil of the Wind – You gain a +3m bonus to movement speed and jump distance. Equipping this weapon gives you Immunity to falling damage.

Glowing – This object shines with a glowing light in a radius of 6m.

Zephyr Flash (requires proficiency) – Rush forward, creating an air vortex that blasts foes and possibly inflicts Bleeding for 3 turns. On Save: Targets still take half damage. Doesn't provoke Opportunity Attacks. 6d8 Thunder.

Zephyr Break (requires proficiency) – Emit a powerful gale of wind that clears all clouds and pushes creatures back 5m, possibly inflicting Off Balance for 2 turns 6d6 Thunder.

  • Damage – 1d8 (1d6)+4 Piercing +2 Piercing
  • Weapon Enchantment – (+3)

How to get Nyrulna

To get Nyrulna, you need to go to the Circus of the Last Days near Rivington in Act 3 and pickpocket Akabi the Djinni to steal his magic ring which makes it so players can never win, then spin the wheel.

Akabi will accuse you of cheating and teleport you to a jungle where you need to face off against a few monsters and make it to a portal. Near this portal is a chest which you need to lockpick or destroy to get Nyrulna.


Legendary Quarterstaff

Arcane Enchantment – You gain a +1 bonus to Spell Save DC and spell attack rolls.

Arcane Battery – Alleviate the arcane burden of spellcasting with the power of this staff. The next spell you cast doesn't cost a spell cost.

Kereska's Favour – Imbue yourself with elemental energy sourced from the draconic goddess, Kereska.

  • Damage – 1d8 (1d6) +1 Bludgeoning, +1d4 Radiant
  • Weapon Enchantment – (+2)

How to get Markoheshkir

To get Markoheshkir, you need to go to Ramazith’s Tower in the Lower City as part of the Nightsong Quest and go into Sorcerous Sundries and use the portal to transport yourself to the tower where Loroakkan is then use the "Below" button on the lower floor of his tower.

This will take you to where the staff is held but it’s protected by a magical barrier. To get past it, you need to pull a level and pass an Arcana check.

The Red Knight’s Final Stratagem

Legendary Book

Curriculum of Strategy – Artistry of War (Level 5 Evocation Spell). Once learned, the spell can deal 18-78 force damage by six summoned spectral strategists who can target individual targets.

How to get The Red Knight’s Final Stratagem

To get The Red Knight’s Final Stratagem you need to press the "Vault" button in the same location that you got Markoheshkir and you will be teleported to a vault with a bookcase containing the book.

Reading it will grant you the Scroll of Artistry of War which can be learned by your Wizard.

The Annals of Karsus

Legendary Book

Dethrone – (Level 5 Necromancy) 30-80 Necrotic Damage or half that when the enemy rolls a save.

How to get The Annals of Karsus

To get the Annals of Karsus, proceed past where you got The Red Knight’s Final Stratagem going through doors until you reach one named "Ramazith". Unlock it and through this door and watching out for traps, make it to the Silverhand door and pass through this too and finally the Evocation door.

In there will be a lever which unlocks the Karsus vault in the room with The Red Knight’s Final Stratagem.

The Tharciate Codex

Legendary Book

Tharchiate Withering – Once read, this book will reduce your constitution by 5 until the curse is broken after reading the Necromancy of Thay.

Tharchiate Vigor – Gain 20 temporary Hit Points after Long Rest (after breaking the Tharciate Withering Curse).

Danse Macabre – Summon six ghouls.

How to get The Tharciate Codex

To get the Tharciate Codex, you need to pass through the Silverhand Door, Abjuration Door and the Wish Door to find a lever that unlocks its vault in the original room where The Annals of Karsus and The Tharciate Codex are.

Duelist’s Prerogative

Legendary Rapier

Elegant Duellist – While your off-hand is empty, you score a Critical Hit when rolling a 19. Moreover, you gain an additional reaction per turn.

Withering Cut – On a hit with a melee weapon, use a reaction to deal additional Necrotic damage equal to your Proficiency Bonus.

Challenge to Duel – Challenge an enemy to attack only you, inflicting Bleeding on the target.

Dueller's Enthusiasm – While you are not dual-wielding, you can make an additional melee attack with The Dueller.

  • Damage – 1d8+8 piercing, +2 Piercing
  • Weapon Enchantment – (+3)

How to get Duelist’s Prerogative

To get Duelist’s Prerogative you need to complete the Save Vanra quest by rescuing Vanra from Ethel (The Hag in Act 1) and returning him to his mother and she’ll give you the rapier.

Gontr Mael

Legendary Longbow

Promised Victory – On a hit, possibly inflict Guiding Bolt upon the target.

Gontr Mael – Glowing: This object shines with a glowing light in a radius of 6m.

Spell – Celestial Haste

  • Damage – 1d8+8 piercing
  • Weapon Enchantment – (+3)

How to get Gontr Mael

To get Gontr Mael, you need to defeat Lord Gortash as part of the Rescue Duke Ravengard and the Gondians and Defeat Lord Gortash quests in the Steel Watch Foundry and looting the Steel Watcher Titan along the way.

Be sure to pick it up as it will become inaccessible after blowing the foundry up.

Balduran’s Giantslayer

Legendary Greatsword

Giantslayer – On a hit, double the damage from your Strength Modifier. This weapon grants you Advantage on Attack Rolls against Large, Huge, or Gargantuan creatures.

Class Action – Giant’s Form

  • Damage – 2d6 Slashing
  • Weapon Enchantment – (+3)

How to get Balduran’s Giantslayer

To get Balduran’s Giantslayer, you need to defeat the dragon Ansur and loot him as part of the Wyrmway Puzzles and Legend of Ansur quests.

Helm of Balduran

Legendary Helmet

Balduran's Vitality – The helmet heals you 2 hit points at the beginning of every turn.

Balduran's Favour – You have a + 1 bonus to Armor Class and Saving Throws.

Stun Immunity – You can't be Stunned. Attackers can't land Critical Hits on the wearer.

  • Armour Class – Medium

How to get Helm of Balduran

To get the Helm of Balduran you need to defeat the dragon Ansur and loot him as part of the Wyrmway Puzzles and Legend of Ansur quests.

Orphic Hammer

Legendary Warhammer

Class Action – Unshackling Strike

  • Damage (One-Handed) – 1d8+3 Bludgeoning
  • Damage (Two-Handed) – 1d10+3 Bludgeoning

How to get Orphic Hammer

To get the Orphic Hammer you need to either agree with Raphael or by looting it in the House of Hope as part of the Deal with the Devil, House of Hope and Free Orpheus quests.

It’s a quest-related item needed to free Hope and Orpheus as it is the only thing that can destroy the crystals that bind them.

Mask of the Shapeshifter

Legendary Helmet

Shapeshift – (Level 1 illusion Spell)

How to get Mask of the Shapeshifter

To get the Mask of the Shapeshifter you need to have bought the Digital Deluxe Edition of Baldur’s Gate 3 and it can be found in your traveller’s chest in your camp.

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