If you weren't already aware, you can play Fortnite - one of the most popular shooters of our era - on your phone, and this isn't some gimmicky mobile version of Fortnite (like the janky spin-off phone games of the '00s). This is the actual game.


Of course, as well as a few other issues that we'll detail, it depends on your phone. It might not be playable on a device from 2009, for example. Also, you'll need a decent internet connection to play.

With the ongoing spat Epic Games has with both Google and Apple, downloading the Fortnite app has proven difficult of late. However, there is another way to play the game on your portable device - and that other way is Xbox Cloud Gaming (available on both Android and iPhone).

What's even better is, this service is free. Wondering how to do it? We share all below.

How to play Fortnite with Xbox Cloud Gaming on Android and iPhone

To play Fortnite with Xbox Cloud Gaming on Android and iPhone devices, you’ll need to first link your Epic Games account to your Microsoft account.

Simply log in to Epic Games and head to your account settings. Find and select “Connections”, scroll down to Xbox and choose to connect. Sign in and you’re linked up and good to go.

Now that you have linked your Epic Games and Microsoft accounts, simply follow these steps to play Fortnite with Xbox Cloud Gaming on Android:

  • Head to the Xbox Cloud Gaming website (do so here)
    • Sign in via the blank avatar image in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Find Fortnite and play for free
    • It should be on the home page of Xbox Cloud Gaming, but if it isn’t you’ll need to search for it

Thankfully, it truly is a simple process. If you want to speed things up for future use, too, you can always bookmark the page on your browser or add it to your home screen for quick access. Simply tap the blue share button on Safari or the three dots symbol on Chrome and select “Add” or “Add to Home Screen”. Hey presto, you’ve got Fortnite on your smartphone again.

Remember, too, that with Xbox Cloud Gaming you should be able to play Fortnite with touchscreen controls or a controller (the Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S controller should work fine).

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