If you’re new to the game or have been exploring its wastelands for a while now, you’ll want to know what the Fallout 4 level cap is.


Many RPGs have maximum level caps, meaning you can only level up your character to a certain level before they can’t get stronger from that point.

Often, you can have it in a game where the max level cap doesn’t allow you to unlock every perk, ability, skill, or whatever that game awards you upon levelling up.

Is Fallout 4 one of these games, or can you unlock everything?

You guessed it, you’ve been here before - you’re going to have to read on to find out. Here’s the Fallout 4 level cap explained.

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What is the Fallout 4 level cap? Max level explained

Fallout 4 Vault Boy in pixel art form
Fallout 4. Bethesda

Technically, there isn’t a Fallout 4 level cap. You can keep levelling up and can unlock every perk and SPECIAL to spend points on.

Realistically, though, the maximum effective level cap is 272, as this is when you will have unlocked all SPECIALS and perks.

On another technicality, the maximum player level you can reach is level 65,535 (as per the game’s Steam forums). After you reach level 65,535, earning any XP will crash the game.

So, yeah, if you’re level 65,535, you may want to quit playing.

Fortunately, it will take you ages to reach level 65,535 in Fallout 4. You probably never will. In terms of the amount of XP you need to reach level 65,535, the Fallout Wiki claims you’ll need to earn 161,062,092,626.

Those are numbers so dizzying that we think we need to lie down.

If you play a lot of the game, though, it’s perfectly feasible that you will reach level 272, which is when you’ll be able to say you have unlocked every single perk and reached rank 10 in each SPECIAL stat.

Reaching level 272 requires earning a paltry 2,798,076 XP.

Owners of the Far Harbor and Nuka-World DLC expansions, meanwhile, will be able to unlock all perks and SPECIAL stats by reaching level 286 (3,070,826 total earned XP).

Now, it’s time to get out there and level up to your heart’s content. And if you're level 65,534, it might be time to start a new save.

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