Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom dropped last week, and it introduced us to a new type of stamina to be aware of – the stamina of our tech. Basically, battery life. As if we didn't have to worry about that in the real world!


Love it or loathe it, Breath of the Wild's stamina wheel was an integral part of the gameplay. Whether we were running, swimming, gliding, or attacking, we had to take stamina into consideration. This is still the case in Tears of the Kingdom, and now you've got to think about your battery health as well.

You'll be given an Energy Cell in an early tutorial, which provides power to the Zonai devices we use throughout the game, such as cars and boats. The hitch is that when it runs out of energy, we have to stop and wait for it to refill. It can be a drag, but it doesn't have to be like this forever. There is a way to upgrade it.

Read on to find out how.

How to improve batteries in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

For a decent visual guide on upgrading your battery charge in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, definitely check out the video from Trophygamers below.

As you're likely already aware, your battery life indicator has three cells of power that deplete over time (a lot like our phones in the old days).

These are called Energy Wells, and they're indicated inside a battery symbol. Very retro. However, you can upgrade your maximum charge by collecting Crystalized Charges and using them to produce new Energy Wells.

To upgrade your battery charge, you'll need to do the following:

  • Collect 100 Crystalized Charges (this is how much you'll need to produce one Energy Well). It's a gruelling task of mining and trading, but we reckon it's worth it.
  • Go to a Crystal Refinery. There are a few scattered around the map, but – as shown in the video – there's one just to the south of Hyrule Castle Town Ruins.
  • Talk to the Steward Construct, and get producing.

If you're wondering where to find those Crystalized Charges, the place to look is the Depths. This dark underground area is the easiest place to mine resources.

You also get a healthy delivery of Crystalized Charges when you pick up the Autobuild ability down there in the Depths. Defeating robotic baddies, the rogue Constructs littered around the map, will also reward you with charges.

You'll soon have the super battery power that you wish you had in real life!

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