Are the Married at First Sight Australia couples still together? 2017 and 2018 seasons

Where all the couples are now from Australia's season 4 as the finale airs on E4 - plus who split and who got married

MAFS Australia couples

Viewers have been kept entertained with Married at First Sight Australia ever since E4 decided to revive season four in July.


From contestants getting hitched to more than one person, to a runaway bride – ahem, Lauren – the series has proven to be a huge hit.

So much so,  the network decided to air season 5 soon after.

And if you thought season four was explosive, you’re in for a shock with season five where the ante was seriously upped.

Fans were left revolted by Dean Wells and Davina Rankin’s deceit after the pair flirted with one another despite being married to other people.

And viewers couldn’t believe how “mismatched” Jo McPharlin and Sean Donnelly were, with many calling their pairing “awkward”.

Series four first aired in Australia in 2016, and series five followed the year after. So, the one question many fans want to know is whether any of the couples stayed together once the cameras stopped rolling. takes a look at what happened to all the couples and where they are now.

First up is season four, but if you’re interested in where the Married at First Sight season 5 couples are as the season continues on E4, then scroll to the end to find out what happened once they came off air.

**Warning: Spoilers for season four and five**

Where are the Married at First Sight couples now?

The series first aired in 2017 and aired on E4 over five weeks this summer. The social experiment sees 11 couples matched up over a range of ages. The couples meet on their wedding day, get married, and then move in together to see if they can find love.

The experts include relationship psychologist John Aiken, neuropsychotherapist Trisha Stratford, and dating expert Mel Schilling.

The trio matches up the hopefuls and then add commentary as we watch how they get on from the wedding day to honeymoon to long after.

The couples do not take part in a legally binding marriage, instead they meet at an altar for a commitment ceremony. They then decide by the end of the series to get married or not.

Sean Holland and Susan Rowlings

Sean and Susan
Sean and Susan
Channel 4

Sean, 35, a farmer, was paired with Susan Rowlings, 37, a mining truck driver.

While Susan’s reaction was positive when Sean rode in on a horse with his cowboy style hat, after spending time together they decided not to get married officially and they have separated.

They remained friends and both have completely moved on.

On March 24th, 2018, Susan gave birth to her first son, Ashton. Although she was not with the father, who she had met online, the two are co-parenting Ashton.

Sean has also found his happily ever after, as he proposed to girlfriend Roslyn Buerckner in November 2018. The pair are now married.

Jonathan Troughton and Cheryl Maitland

Entrepreneur Jonathan, 30, married Cheryl, 25, a hair salon assistant. The couple decided to break up before the final decision had to be made – and they haven’t reconciled.

Jonathan Troughton and Cheryl Maitland
Jonathan Troughton and Cheryl Maitland
Channel 4

Cheryl said she felt “betrayed” after fellow contestant Scarlett Cooper revealed she’d been receiving texts from Jonathan.

Cheryl got a second chance with Andrew, however, they weren’t a match. The pair experienced issues from the start with Andrew complaining he never knew if Cheryl was interested and Cheryl saying he never had her back.

After a few dramatic dinners with the whole group it came to an end.

Since leaving the show, she’s managed to find love with plumber Dean Gibbs, who saw her on the series.

Michael Tomic and Scarlett Cooper

Married At First Sight Australia S4 Ep2C
Channel 4

Stripper Michael married aspiring author Scarlett – both 30. Things didn’t start well with Michael keeping his second job from Scarlett who told him she loved honesty.

The couple decided to break up before making a final decision – they are still separated.

There was a bit of drama afterwards when Scarlett said she had received texts from Jonathan Troughton in a Married at First Sight text scandal.

It doesn’t look like the pair have reunited since their split. Scarlett now works as an actress while Michael has reportedly refused to talk about the show since leaving.

Nadia Stamp and Anthony Manton

Nadia and Anthony
Nadia and Anthony
Channel 4

Flight attendant Nadia, 36, married racing broadcaster Anthony, 33. They found love! Well, someone had to right?

They decided to get properly married at the end of the show – but sad news, they then broke up.

It was all a bit awkward, Nadia revealed that Anthony dumped her as soon as the cameras cut. Speaking to she said: “He dropped me like a hotcake.”

Simon McQuillan and Alene Khatcherian

Alene and Simon
Alene and Simon
Channel 4

Business owner Simon was paired with registered nurse Alene.

Despite their differences, fans grew to love them, and the pair decided to stay together until the end of the experiment.

However, they soon realised it wasn’t for them and separated.

Rumours began swirling that they’d rekindled their romance after the show, but sadly that’s not true, and it looks like Alene might have her eye on another MAFS star instead…sort of. Find out more in our Alene and Simon guide.

Andrew Hills and Vanessa Belvedere

Married At First Sight Australia S4 Ep3G

Andy, 30, was paired up with student Vanessa, 31. The couple decided to get married, but they changed their minds and ended up separating.

Vanessa made the decision to dump Andy in an emotional break up, and then moved on, sharing photos of a new man on her social media.

Based on his Instagram feed, it doesn’t look like there’s a new lady in his life, but it looks like he’s enjoying the high life, regularly travelling and flying in hot air balloons.

We’ve broken down what caused Andrew and Vanessa’s emotional split.

Lauren Bran and Andrew Jones

Andrew and Lauren
Andrew and Lauren
Channel 4

Lauren, 33, was coupled with firefighter Andrew, 38.  The pair decided to break up before the final decision. They are still separated.

Lauren was famously the “runaway bride”. She ditched Andrew in a dramatic TV moment. Don’t worry he got a take two though with Cheryl, although that didn’t turn out much better.

On the show, we learnt more about why Lauren dumped Andrew on Married at First Sight.

Cheryl Maitland and Andrew Jones

Hair salon assistant Cheryl, 25, was then paired with firefighter Andrew, 38. They also broke up before the final decision, and remain separated.

Sadly, Andrew has said he suffers from PTSD following the experience. He said there were trust issues and he would never appear on a show like this again.

“There’s still a bit of bitterness and PTSD almost – like you see the ad and you hear the voiceovers and you still get that rush of a feeling, like you know what’s going on,” he told the Mail Online.

Fans criticised Andrew for the comments he made on Cheryl Maitland’s intelligence and physical appearance at the boy’s night.

He pretended to grope her breasts during a night in with his fellow male contestants and when asked a week later if he’d done anything wrong he denied it. “I don’t know what to say to you, it was just a light-hearted boys night,” he said.

Cheryl, of course, was also paired up with another contestant Jonathan before she was paired up with Andrew – both didn’t work out. She’s now with Dean Gibbs.

John Robertson and Deborah Brosnan

Deborah and John
Deborah and John
Channel 4

Business owner John, 53, was paired with ex-model Deborah, 53. The oldest couple in the experiment they soon found themselves under the spotlight.

They also broke up before a final decision was made earlier in the experiment – they are still separated. Deborah rejected John.

Michelle Marsh and Jesse Konstantinoff

Sharon Marsh and Nick, Michelle Marsh and Jesse
Sharon Marsh and Nick, Michelle Marsh and Jesse
Channel 4

Commercial cleaner Michelle was paired with retailer Jesse, both 31. They decided not to get married.

They remain separated, but they have remained friends, and have posted selfies on Instagram.

Michelle began dating Adam Medwick, a firefighter and a dad-of-one. However, she doesn’t seem to be dating anyone at the moment.

This relationship comes after she dated season two’s Jono Pitman.

And if you’re wondering why there are two Marshs in the list… this series had twins take part.

Sharon Marsh and Nick Furphy

Married At First Sight Australia S4 Ep5F
Channel 4

Business owner Sharon was paired with carpenter Nick.

While Michelle and Jesse’s relationship never really started, Sharon and Nick seemed to make a genuine connection during the series.

They went ahead with the marriage at the end of the experiment, however, decided to separate afterwards.

“I love Nick, but after moving to Melbourne eight weeks ago to be with him, I soon realised that I’m not in love with him,” Sharon told New Idea at the time. Sharon has now moved on and met another man, Julian.

Speaking about her relationship, she told the West Australian in 2018: “He is everything I could ever want in a partner. Not to be a pessimist but I was waiting for the ‘but’ or baggage. But there wasn’t any. He’s perfect for me.”

Married at First Sight Australia season 5 couples

Tracey Jewel and Dean Wells

Married At First Sight
Tracey and Dean

There was a spark from the moment they met each other with the pair flirting at the altar. He wanted a brunette and the experts certainly delivered with marketing consultant Tracey, 36, who admitted she’d undergone a full makeover following her last relationship.

However, it wasn’t meant to be and their relationship ended.

However, Tracey did have a brief romance with fellow MAFS star Sean Thomson during a break from filming and this continued after the show.

Sarah Roza and Telv Williams

Married At First Sight
Sarah and Telv

They seemed like the perfect match – her a 40-year-old beauty specialist, who wanted to start a family with a “real man”, and him a 35-year-old construction worker with kids of his own.

The pair went all the way and said “yes” at the final decision, but things quickly turned sour.

After their split in March 2019,  they both appeared in court after each taking out an Apprehended Violence Order, which prevented them from speaking publicly about one another.

Mathew Lockett and Alycia Galbraith

Married At First Sight
Mathew and Alycia

Season 5 favourites Mathew and Alycia shocked fans when they tapped out of the MAFS experience. The two had moved into an apartment together, but Mat began sleeping on the couch and then decided to get his own apartment before the pair called it quits for good.

Following the show, plumber Mat, 34, said their relationship was doomed from the start.

“She’s got this innocence and I’m a brat,” he said. “I felt uncomfortable around her.”

Jo McPharlin and Sean Donnelly

Married At First Sight
Jo and Sean

They ended their relationship very early on in the experiment, however,  single mother Jo, 41, and pub manager Sean, 41, thrilled fans when they met up for a night out, sparking rumours they were back on.

Sadly, they didn’t get back together, however, fans have since called for bubbly bride Jo to return to the show and get another chance at finding love.

Davina Rankin and Ryan Gallagher

Married At First Sight
Davina and Ryan

It just wasn’t meant to be for personal trainer Davina, 28, and tradesman Ryan, 31.

The pair broke up before the final decision. During their marriage, Davina revealed she’d shared a kiss with co-star Dean Wells – ouch!

Charlene Perera and Patrick Miller

Married At First Sight
Charlene and Patrick

Brand manager Charlene, 35, and operations manager Patrick, 36, went all the way on the show and decided to stay together.

However, things didn’t last with the duo releasing statements on social media.

“Charle, my heartfelt wishes for you on your journey for love as we embark on our lives post MAFS… also the journey for love will always continue in mine,” he said.

Melissa Walsh and John Robertson

Married At First Sight
Melissa and John

Journalist Melissa, 53, and Business owner John, 54, made the decision to stay together at the final decision. However, the couple decided to separate after the show.

The distance between them made it hard for their relationship to work on the outside.

The pair announced they had parted ways in a joint statement, saying: “It has been very difficult and it make us both very sad to say we have decided to no longer continue as a couple.”

Troy Delmege and Ashley Irvin

Married At First Sight
Troy and Ashley

The couple seemed to get on very well, however, when it came to the final stage of the experiment, they mutually ended their marriage.

And just like their split, they’ve remained amicable, even meeting up for drinks last year.

Gabrielle Bartlett and Nasser Sultan

Married At First Sight
Nasser and Gabrielle

Marketing coordinator/plus-size model Gabrielle, 46, and fitness instructor Nasser, 52, broke up before the final stage of the experiment.

However, Gabby did go on to find love with fellow MAFS star Sean Donnelly after the show.

Justin Fischer and Carly Bowyer

Married At First Sight
Carly and Justin

Sadly it wasn’t love at first sight for entrepreneur Justin, 43, and marketing manager Carly, 34.

The pair broke up before the final decision, however, the show did work for Carly in some way, as she later found love with co-star Troy Delmege. They broke up nine months later, though.

Sean Thomsen and Blair Rachael

Married At First Sight
Blair and Sean

Railway technician Sean, 34, and executive assistant Blair, 31, didn’t make it on the show.

Despite Blair begging him for a second chance, she was rejected by  Sean on the show, and he went on to date Tracey Jewel.


The next Married at First Sight Australia season starts on E4 at 7:30pm. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide.