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What happened to Married at First Sight's Ines and Bronson?

The duo got married on the show in 2019.

Married at First Sight Australia Ines and Bronson
Channel 4
Published: Monday, 11th January 2021 at 5:54 pm

A brand new series of Married at First Sight Australia is currently heating up on E4.


Series six was revived for the network on January 4th, and it already has viewers hooked on the new marriages.

One of the couples featured on the show are Ines Bašić and Bronson Norrish.

The duo were matched by experts on the series, which was filmed back in 2019, and got the opportunity to see if their relationship could blossom in the real world.

So did love win this time round? Or was it curtains for the duo the minute filmed stopped?

Here's everything you need to know about Ines and Bronson, including whether they're still an item today.

**Warning: the following contains spoilers for Married at First Sight: Australia season 6**

What happened to Ines and Bronson?

Viewers won't be surprised to hear the pair didn't work out, when scenes from the new series air on E4.

From as early as their honeymoon, things looked be heading down the wrong road as Ines and Bronson argued during a boat ride and parasailing trip in Port Douglas.

Legal assistant Ines - who was 28-years-old at the time of filming - completely lost it when Bronson jokingly asked the operator if anyone had died during parasailing.

“Are you f**king serious? What sort of dumb-a**e f**king question is that? Jesus, help me!” Ines shouted, to which former stripper Bronson, 34, responded: "Is it too late to get a divorce?”

And things only got worse when Ines had an onscreen affair with Sam Ball, who was married to Elizabeth Sobinoff at the time.

It's safe to say, Ines and Bronson went their separate ways calling it quits at the third commitment ceremony.

Married at First Sight Australia Ines and Bronson
Married at First Sight's Ines and Bronson Channel 4

Where is Ines now? 

She was probably one of the most talked about brides on MaFS due to her relations with Sam, but these days, Ines prefers a more quieter life.

She's kept a relatively low profile since leaving the show, launching a YouTube channel where she shares recipes and skincare videos.

It's not known whether she's dating at the moment, but her Instagram posts have been getting a lot of love from fans!

Where is Bronson now? 

The entrepreneur is still running his party boat business and is also passionate about re-homing homeless dogs in Bali.

He's currently in a relationship with 29-year-old Hayley Wallis, who he regularly posts cute pics with on Instagram.

Alongside an image of the pair wrapped in an Australian flag, he wrote: "To all men: Always remember. When your busy looking at other women, there are always two men looking at yours. Appreciate, protect & cherish what you have! #powercouple #couplegoals."


Married at First Sight Australia season 6 is on E4 at 7:30pm. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide.


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