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What happened to Married at First Sight's Scarlett and Mark? From text scandal to her new job

The pair called it quits before making the final decision - and then she revealed she'd been texting someone else on the show!

Married At First Sight
Published: Tuesday, 7th July 2020 at 12:05 pm

Married at First Sight Australia has been revived by E4 with the network is airing season four of the original series.


The eccentric reality series follows a panel of experts who match singletons based purely on the information given to them.

One of the couples on the show is Scarlett Cooper and Mark Tomic, who despite making it down the aisle, decided to call things off.

Things took an even messier turn for the Married at First Sight Australia pair when Scarlett later revealed she had been receiving texts from a different contestant on the show.

As the 2017 series continues, we take a look back at Scarlett and Mark's love story and those texts!

What happened to Scarlett and Mark?

Married At First Sight

Aspiring author Scarlett and Michael Tomic were matched on the show.

It looked like the pair - who were both 30-years-old - had a lot in common, so it came as a shock to many when they eventually split.

The pair ended up having a nightmare honeymoon after Michael confessed he had a second job as a stripper.

The pair had gone to Kakadu National Park for their honeymoon and things were going well until he dropped the news.

Scarlett wasn't pleased to hear this, as she'd previously told him she liked honesty.

She said: "I am shocked and a bit disappointed to be honest. That's a job you can do when you are single and you're partying and young."

Married At First Sight

Nevertheless, she let things blow over, but the couple ended up having another argument discussing their lives at home.

Michael confessed he would not want to move from Perth to be with Scarlett in Sydney, but she found this to be "closed-minded".

And things got even worse when he said he considered her more of a friend, leading her to call him "fake".

"I think you are probably the fakest person I have ever met in my entire life," she told him.

"You say one thing and then you go back and hook up with me and get sort of romantic with me."

She then suggested he would be better off with someone he can "fool around with" before walking off in tears.

Who was Scarlett texting?

Season 4 of Married At First Australia wasn't short of scandals, and one of the biggest ones took place when Scarlett revealed she'd been receiving texts from fellow contestant Jonathan Troughton - who was married to Cheryl Maitland.

The messages led to a betrayed Cheryl dumping Jonathan and caused a lot of drama for Scarlett.

At the time, both Scarlett and Jonathan were unhappy with their pairings and ended up swapping numbers with each other.

So what did those messages actually say?

Following the show, Scarlett took to Instagram to reveal the contents of the "scandalous" texts.

"This whole saga really hurt me but now I can move on," Scarlett captioned the post showing some of the messages. "I think people finally realise the kinda person I am. I care about others and I think we both needed a friend at that time. But this was it. Our whole conversation."

Married At First Sight
Jonathan and Cheryl (Channel 4)

What was in Jonathan's texts?

Apart from a lengthy discussion about the fact they both like to drink tea, a lot of the texts revolved around Jonathan's pairing with Cheryl.

Jonathan wrote to Scarlett: "All I can hear is her going between gossip and yelling in another room but I'm yet to hear her say, 'I didn't compromise; I was being two-faced to the camera.' I didn't sleep with her. I think it would have been all out war if it even came to it. I asked her… 'are you attracted to me' she just said 'no'."

In Scarlett's Instagram post, she explained that contestants on the show weren’t allowed to text outsiders, so it was "nice to have someone to talk to".

Jonathan was referring to a game the experts set up on their honeymoon where they ask each other set questions. After he opened the box and tried a few lighter questions he went for 'are you attracted to me?'

Cheryl tried a jokey approach, which backfired when Jonathan said he had a 'mature mind' and saw through what she was really trying to say - she didn't find him attractive. He pulled back, stopping all hand holding and contact which left Cheryl confused.

Scarlett added: "I think we realised what all of Australia could see, we were matched with the wrong people. Oh the scandal!"

Where are Scarlett and Mark now?

It's been three years since they appeared on the show, and it doesn't look like much has changed between the pair.

They remained separated after their break up. Scarlett is now working as an actress.

Last year, she landed a role on Australian sitcom, Fat Pizza: Back in Business. She played the role of a girl named Sabrina, and although it was mainly in the background, lots of fans picked up on her performance.

In terms of romance, it's not clear whether Scarlett is in a new relationship, although she did spark rumours she could be dating fellow MAFS star Andrew Jones after they posed for a photo on Instagram together in 2017.

Alongside an image of the pair cuddling, she wrote: "Andrew I like u because u r genuine an funny (sic)."

Neither has confirmed they've dated.

Meanwhile, Michael has refused to talk about the show since leaving, however, but is believed to have returned to his job as a stripper the same year as the show.


Married at First Sight Australia is on E4. Find out which of the Married at First Sight Australia couples are still together. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide.


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