Married at First Sight Australia has been packed full of drama - we know that by the intense music and the voiceover telling us all the time - but, as is often the case, when the cameras stop rolling the drama really begins.


Racing broadcaster Anthony and flight attendant Nadia's love story wasn't an easy one. From the moment they met Nadia had her guard up, which is fair given she literally met her husband at the altar.

So are Anthony and Nadia among the Married at First Sight Australia couples still together?

Anthony and Nadia's love story

She said she "didn't feel a connection with him" but then offered him her "heart, hand and love" in their vows. Anthony said she was like a "gift and you just keep unwrapping a layer into something more.”

Anthony was more disappointed when he went in for a kiss and was rejected - then later, when he tried for a smooch by a waterfall on their honeymoon, Nadia, 36, dodged his attempts.

Nadia and Anthony
Nadia and Anthony Channel 4

Don't go feeling sorry for Anthony though as he later proved to be quite controlling and very (x 100) opinionated throughout the whole series.

From challenging Cheryl and Andrew repeatedly at the group dinner when she arrived with Andrew 'Jonesy' Jones after her and Jonathan's relationship fell apart, to the homestay visits where he sassed Nadia's roommate set up and "lack of direction."

Anthony claimed he was looking out for his friend Andrew after he was dumped by Lauren on their wedding night. The other contestants were still left feeling uncomfortable and challenged him at the next commitment ceremony.

Are Nadia and Anthony still together?

Everything came to a head at the reunion dinner party, where, let's face it, things were always going to be awkward.

The couples all returned to reveal if they lasted beyond the cameras following them, only for Nadia to turn up solo.

Anthony was nowhere to be seen and hadn't even turned up.

Nadia explained to the brides what had happened. "I came back to Sydney and as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, he dropped me like a hotcake," she said.

That's got to hurt.

Anthony did eventually arrive, 17 hours late, and things just got more awkward.

The reunion was filmed in January that year, that's two months after filming wrapped and the first time the pair saw each other since the breakup.

When Anthony arrived he took awhile to even go and speak to his former-wife. He swapped seats at the table later in the evening and offered an apology on camera, but Nadia wasn't interested and she remained cold with him.

Later Nadia told producers what she was thinking: "You're not sorry…That's who you are. That's what you wanted."

She added: "He thinks what he did was very admirable, but it was actually very under the table… A man that I want to be with doesn't make a woman cry. Doesn't make her question who she is as a person.

"I'm sorry, I keep my cool. I'm chill, but seriously. No I don't want to be with him. I was always pushing for his truth, and I got it. I don't want it. I don't want him."

She also told “A man that I want to be with does not make a woman cry. Doesn’t make her question who she is as a person.

Nadia says she received no calls and no explanation as to why he dumped her despite confirming his commitment by renewing his vows on the show.

Where are Anthony and Nadia now?

If you're wondering how Nadia is doing now, luckily Instagram provides all the answers you need. The flight attendant and model looks like she's doing just fine as she's been sharing more selfies, travel shots and fashion looks.

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That isn't the end of the story though. It appears Nadia struck up a friendship with contestant Michael who was originally with Scarlett. According to New Idea he "always had a soft spot for her".

The source adds that he knew "how hard it was to go through a difficult time in front of the cameras" and hated seeing her so distraught and "wanted to show her that he cared".

Nadia has also found a new man. She was spotted getting off a flight from Fiji and New Zealand in March 2017 with a man, according to She's been with cricketer Glen Talarico for the last two years.

She even posted to Instagram revealing she'd moved for her man. Nadia continues to post about her yoga, workouts, her beauty brand and promote products on her social media.


As for Anthony, it's not been publicised if he found love after the show, but his Linkedin shows he's still working hard at his career. His Instagram is also set to private and his tweets are all about the latest horse racing news.