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What happened to Married at First Sight Australia Lauren and Matthew? Inside their toxic break-up

The pair got married on the show back in 2019.

Married at First Sight Australia's Lauren and Matthew
Channel 4
Published: Thursday, 7th January 2021 at 5:19 pm

Series six of Married at First Sight Australia is currently heating up on E4, with viewers being introduced to 13 new couples looking for love.


As the title suggests, each couple will say "I do" from the moment they meet each other, and then get to test out their love in the real world.

One of the couples who feature in series - which was filmed back in 2019 - is Lauren Huntriss and Matthew Bennett.

Videographer Matthew, who was 29 at the time of filming, revealed he was a virgin at the start of the show, hoping he'd be able to find something solid with make-up artist Lauren, 31.

So, was it love at first sight as well as marriage at first sight?

Here's everything you need to know about the couple, including whether they're still together today.

**Warning: the following contains spoilers for Married at First Sight: Australia season 6**

What happened to Lauren and Matthew?

Things seemed to get off to a good start with the pair, with Matthew declaring Lauren "The One" after the pair shared the night together.

However, things quickly soured between them, after Lauren overheard Matthew saying he wasn't attracted to her during a dinner party on the show.

Revealing she could no longer continue with the relationship, the couple became the first to leave the experiment going their separate ways after the dinner, with Matthew later accusing Lauren of calling him names while on the show.

"After Matt embarrassed me in front of everyone at the dinner party by saying he wasn't attracted to me, I knew it would not be fair on myself or him to prolong the experiment," Lauren told 9Honey Celebrity .

"Matt had never told me he wasn't attracted to me before and I was really hurt too. I felt that he really betrayed me, especially because I had always been by his side and respectful of him in social settings."

Where is Lauren now?

Lauren Huntriss Married at First Sight Australia
Lauren Huntriss - Married at First Sight Australia contestant Channel 4

Following the show, Lauren was said to be dating new girlfriend Ria Gan in February 2019,

The month after, she was also rumoured to be in a secret relationship with fellow MaFS star Mick Gould. However, neither have confirmed this.

Career wise, Lauren still works as a make-up artist. She does tutorials on YouTube and has also been working on her fitness.

Where is Matthew now?

Last year, Matthew revealed he was in a new relationship with his girlfriend Annabel. He met her during a wrestling tryout, and they've been inseparable ever since.


Married at First Sight Australia season six is on E4 at 7:30pm. Want to know which Married at First Sight Couples are still together, click here. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide.


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