Danny Dyer cracked World Cup jokes on EastEnders and fans were loving it

“Flat pack mugs,” said Dyer of Sweden, England’s rival in the quarter finals

Danny Dyer, Getty, SL

World Cup fever has swept across the nation as England continue their progress through the tournament – and has even spread as far as Albert Square in EastEnders.


Danny Dyer, in character as the show’s pub landlord Mick Carter, managed to sneak a couple of World Cup jokes and a rendition of Three Lions into Thursday night’s episode.

Swaggering up to Tony Clay’s Halfway, he sang the praises of England goalie Jordan Pickford in the match against Colombia: “I mean, he was like a cat, the geezer. He was like, ‘Get hold of that! Quarter finals. See ya later on Colombia!'”

Halfway added: “When he missed that penalty, though, I thought, ‘Oh no, here we go again!’ But I can’t believe it.”

“Well start believing it,” said Mick. “We’ve got Jordan Pickford in between the sticks. Handsome Harry up front, even though he is Tottenham.

“Just give us the trophy! I tell ya what, it’s coming home son – it’s coming home.”

“But Sweden ain’t no joke though, Mick,” Halfway warned. “They’re a strong unit.”

“Flat pack mugs,” replied Mick. “We’ll smash the granny out of them.”

Dyer then proceeded to sing Three Lions like literally everyone else in the country.

The whole exchange went down well with fans on Twitter…

But one eagle-eyed viewer noticed some security footage shown later in the episode which proved that, although Dyer was reacting to England v Colombia, the evening match wasn’t actually due to kick off for another few hours in Walford time.


To see if football really is coming home, watch England play Sweden in the World Cup 2018 quarter finals on Saturday 7th July at 3pm on BBC1.