BBC News report on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle contained a very unfortunate subtitle error

Jeremy Corbyn apparently highlighted the mental health work of Prince Harry and "Hezbollah"

(BBC News screengrab, TL)

With the announcement that Prince Harry and girlfriend Meghan Markle are engaged, it seemed like a good opportunity for Jeremy Corbyn to congratulate the royals.


However, his good words may have been misunderstood by those relying on the BBC News subtitles.

After giving his regards to the Prince and new fiancee during a visit to Glasgow, the Labour leader went on to say how he admired “Prince Harry and his brother” for their work on mental health. However, this came out on the subtitles as Prince Harry and “Hezbollah”, an Islamic militant organisation.

This was a tad awkward as Corbyn has been criticised for a past speech he gave in which he referred to his “friends in Hezbollah”, who were visiting the UK to discuss a peace settlement in the Middle East.

And it didn’t take long before people were raising comparisons to Syncopaticaption, the faulty subtitling software that features in BBC sitcom W1A…


This is the latest in a series of subtitling mistakes, in which you can see here.