Emmerdale: Paddy and Rhona AREN’T getting back together

Sorry fans, a reunion isn't happening

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Emmerdale has dashed the hopes of fans wanting a reunion for Rhona and Paddy.


Despite the pair having spent the night together earlier in the week, as well as a cathartic prison trip that saw Rhona have her say in front of rapist Pierce, it seems that a reconciliation isn’t on the cards for the village vets.

Scenes just broadcast saw Rhona tell an emotional Paddy that despite her loving him, it just wasn’t right that they should get back together.

For his part, Paddy expressed the wish that he could erase the last 18 months, a period of time that saw him cheat with teaching assistant Tess, only for her to be killed and for Rhona to subsequently get together with grieving widower Pierce, who ultimately turned out to be a dangerous sex offender.

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Rhona then explained that should they reunite, it would be for all the wrong reasons and that they’d be doing so in a bid to forget what had happened.

“I’m a different person now,” Rhona said, “and I’m scared that if we do go back, it would ruin our friendship.”

Paddy was then left crushed when his ex-wife told him, “I can’t offer you any more”.

Viewers will now have to wait and see whether this is Rhona’s final word on the matter or if she’ll eventually want to fully welcome Paddy back into her life…

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