Denise’s fate hangs in the balance as Hunter attacks her in EastEnders

Is Denise a victim of Hunter's twisted scheme to get revenge on Jack?

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The fate of EastEnders’s Denise Fox (Diane Parish) is currently hanging in the balance after a deranged Hunter Owen (Charlie Winter) left her motionless on the floor following an attack.


Any further word on Denise’s welfare has been kept out of press information issued by the BBC, which could indicate that she will be a surprise victim of Hunter’s twisted scheme to get revenge on Jack.

EastEnders has already revealed that at least one character won’t make it through the day of Callum and Whitney’s now aborted nuptials alive. And with the sound of a gunshot set to ring around the Square later this week in the midst of an armed siege orchestrated by Hunter, it appears that the threat of danger has not yet abated.

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At the present time, Jack is unaware that his partner Denise is lying unconscious (and maybe even dead) on a rug at his home. The oblivious Mr Branning was last seen sharing a drink in the pub with the likes of his brother Max and recent returnee Bianca, all of which suggests that he too is destined to get caught up in Hunter’s sick plot.

Elsewhere in Tuesday’s episode, fans witnessed Whitney’s big day go badly wrong when she broke down at her wedding and fled the venue, having reached the conclusion that she couldn’t marry Callum, now that she knows he’s gay. His relationship in tatters, Callum then sought out his sibling Stuart for support.

Keanu, meanwhile, got into a fight with Ben Mitchell, who has recently developed a knack for taking a punch to the face at least once a week.

What happens next on EastEnders?

As was revealed earlier today in a new trailer, Hunter’s mission to punish Jack will spiral out of control in episodes set to be shown on Thursday and Friday. Those inside the Queen Vic will find themselves caught in the crossfire – with deadly consequences.

But who will end up taking a bullet? Are the bride or groom set to get shot? Are Jack’s days truly numbered? Might Louise find herself embroiled in the drama? Or is someone else entirely in peril?


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