EastEnders sexual consent episode considered ‘its best ever’

The soap explored the issue of consent in a specially crafted episode


Never a show afraid of controversial topics, EastEnders has once again broken new ground. Last night’s episode covered sexual consent, as Ruby Allen’s terrifying rape ordeal became public knowledge.


The episode broke away from the soap’s traditional filming style to be shot entirely in the Queen Vic pub, with the characters reading the report about her rape and engaging in a contentious and controversial conversation about the topic.

The increasingly fraught episode then saw Ruby, played by Louisa Lytton, turn to confront her rapist’s friend Glenn, after he accused her of lying.

Fans of the BBC One soap were quick to praise the brave and ambitious edition of the show, taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.


“Another brilliant episode of EastEnders,” one viewer wrote. “This story along with the stabbing storyline have been some of the best across soap.”

“Best episode of EastEnders in ages,” said another. “Finally bringing certain topics to light which aren’t usually discussed.”

A third wrote, “How did EastEnders get me crying? Absolutely phenomenal. One of their best episodes.”

Actor Louisa Lytton previously admitted she was “nervous” about the story before it was filmed.

Lytton, 29, returned as the character earlier this year after a 13 year break, having previously played Ruby Allen in 2005 .

Speaking to RadioTimes.com, she explained, “I’d not been back on the show that long and hadn’t worked with half the people in the episode before, or not for many years. Everyone in the show says filming in the Vic is scary and intimidating, even the likes of Steve McFadden and Letitia Dean, actors I’m in awe of. no matter how long you’re there you still get the Queen Vic fear! I was really nervous in the lead-up, my boyfriend didn’t understand why – everyone was looking at me and my knees would go weak!

“So many women have got in touch to say thank you for doing it, and how they were in a similar situation and it’s confirmed to them it was rape after initially not being believed. People have bought into the story, it’s sparked a lot of questions about ‘What is consent?’. EastEnders is trying to educate and open up the conversation among viewers.”


EastEnders continues tonight at 8pm on BBC One.

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