Has Emmerdale just killed off Ross Barton?

His violent showdown with attacker Simon may have claimed a life


Emmerdale fans face an agonising wait to learn Ross Barton’s fate after a fight with acid attacker Simon McManus ended with one of them being bashed on the head with a rock – has the soap just aired Michael Parr’s exit as the buff bad boy?


The first of tonight’s double bill (Thursday 11 October) saw Ross’s brutal revenge on Simon turn violent as the tussling pair fought for possession of Moira Dingle’s phone which had just recorded a full confession from the drug dealer that he carried out the assault with the deadly substance that left his victim with life-changing scars.

As the men wrestled each other to the ground by a lake in the woods trying to grab the mobile, someone’s hand picked up a rock and delivered what could well be a fatal blow to their opponent – but the audience was left in the dark as we focused on Moira, who had tried to stop her nephew killing Simon, looking on in horror as she heard the smack.

It’s no secret Ross is leaving Emmerdale this autumn, but the show has yet to confirm details of his exit and date of his final appearance. Has it been saved up for this special blockbuster week in which Kim Tate made her epic comeback after 20 years? Or could Ross be forced to go on the run if he he’s murdered Simon?


“Ross needs this chapter of his life to be closed,” says Parr, who has played the role since 2013. “It would be a huge milestone  if he could get some kind of justice for what Simon did. Ross has been sent over the edge…”

On his decision to quit his high-profile part, Parr previously told RadioTimes.com: “I originally said I’d do four years, but then (ex-producer) Iain MacLeod said that they’d like me to say beyond that. So they came up with the acid attack story which by the autumn I would’ve spent this last year on, which makes it a natural time for me to move on. I’ve never played a character for this long – and where else can Ross go?”

Tune in to ITV at 8pm to see if this really is the end of Ross Barton…


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