Charity breaks down in front of the Dingles – watch the new Emmerdale scene

Poor Charity is in tears in this clip from the ITV soap

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Emmerdale has released a new clip from this week’s Emmerdale that sees a traumatised Charity break down in front of the rest of the Dingles. Viewers have already seen Charity start to spiral out of control in the wake of the verdict at Bails’s verdict – and upcoming scenes will see her lash out at her nearest and dearest after they convene a family meeting and take her to task over her current unruly behaviour.


Opening up about her terrible upbringing to her uncle Zak, Charity can be seen saying: “My dad terrorised me as a kid and you turned a blind eye. He made me give Debbie away. And I swear that’s what really screwed me up. You stood by and let it all happen.”

As the rest of the clan try to alleviate the tension, Charity shouts out: “Don’t try to make this OK! What happened to me is not OK. I’m not OK with this.”

In the wake of the showdown, Charity goes on to explain that she wants to now track down her dad, all of which leads to Zak letting slip that he does actually know where Obadiah is. But what will happen when he and Charity come face to face?

“Charity wants answers about her past, and is nervous but determined to get them. She thinks she knows what she’s going to get by visiting her dad,” says actress Emma Atkins. But does Charity really know what she’s letting herself in for?


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