Emmerdale: Charity FINALLY tells the Dingles about Ryan – how did they react?

Not everybody was happy as the truth was revealed


Charity Dingle told her family she has a secret son in Emmerdale who was conceived after she was raped as a teenager, but as Ryan Stocks was introduced to the chaotic clan the landlady faced a heartbreaking choice as teenage son Noah rejected his new big brother and forced his mum to choose between them.


Tonight’s double bill (Thursday 30 August) saw Ryan rock up at the Woolpack assuming Charity had at last told the Dingles of his existence after events had conspired against her coming clean about the 27-year-old child nobody else knew about.

As members of the boisterous brood gathered in the pub they were left puzzled as plastered Ryan tried to strike up conversations and realised they didn’t have a clue who he was. As Charity arrived at the pub she was forced to explain who the mysterious Ryan really was and his tragic backstory, much to the combined shock of Cain, Debbie, Faith and Marlon.

The initial surprise subsiding, Charity begged her relatives to give Ryan a chance and defended her decision at keeping quiet thus far, what with granddaughter Sarah Sugden’s health crisis. Debbie eventually began to bond with her new big brother as they enjoyed some bants about Charity’s shortcomings, but the same couldn’t be said for young Noah who stormed off upon learning he had a secret sibling.


Unable to view him as anything more than a painful reminder of his mum’s ordeal with Ryan’s dastardly dad, corrupt cop DI Bails, Noah announced he was moving out to live with Joe Tate unless Charity promised to have nothing to do with her long-lost biological boy.

But defiant Charity stood by Ryan and refused to abandon him again as she did when he was born, so angry Noah left.

Has Ryan being revealed as a Dingle torn the family apart already? Can Noah accept him as a brother or has he permanently turned his back on his mum for her decision? Will Charity eventually have to make a final choice about whether or not she can have Ryan in her life? And is she going to change her mind about taking abusive Bails to court for his crimes?


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