Emmerdale: Joe left for dead by Graham after flashback shock – find out if he survives

Graham's tragic past pushed him into extreme violence


Joe Tate’s life is on the line after a brutal attack from Graham Foster left him battered and unconscious in tonight’s Emmerdale.


A dramatic hour-long episode shown on Tuesday 31 July focused on Graham’s emotional flashback on the anniversary of his pregnant wife’s death to the day the tragedy occurred.

The enigmatic manservant hit the bottle and was haunted by visions of late wife Cheryl. Re-living how he was drunk behind the wheel and caused a crash, tormented Graham recalled how he left Cheryl trapped in the car while he went for help – only for the vehicle to explode after he got out, sparing his life but tragically killing her and their unborn daughter.

Spoiling for a fight as he spiralled into self-destruction, Graham picked on Frank Clayton and Cain Dingle before an epic showdown with surrogate son Joe.


Having bonded when Joe was a schoolboy and saved Graham from committing suicide unable to cope with the guilt over his wife, relations between the men could be changed forever after their fight – pleading with Graham to stop blaming himself for the past and sinking into self-pity, Joe was met with a barrage of verbal abuse and punches from the furious Mr Foster – a trained killer who served in the forces, lest we forget – who lost control and lashed out as the red mist descended.

Joe was left for dead at the side of the road while shellshocked, numb Graham returned to Home Farm, plagued by Cheryl’s ghost as he contemplated his aggressive actions…


While it looks like this is it for Joe, Emmerdale have confirmed the character survives as previews of next week’s episodes reveal he is alive and well and supporting girlfriend Debbie Dingle as daughter Sarah prepares for a life-saving heart transplant.

But what does the future hold for him and Graham? They’ve clashed many times before, but has Joe’s loyalty been stretched too far this time to forgive his employee?


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